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These Colors Ignite Joy In Your Home According To Experts

Choosing the right paint color is crucial for setting the mood in your space. Feng Shui principles can guide you towards hues that promote happiness. These principles focus on balance and harmony, transforming your home’s ambiance. You invite positive energy and joy into your space by aligning with Feng Shui. Here, experts share their top paint color ideas for a happier home.



Yellow is a powerhouse of happiness, according to interior designer and Feng Shui expert Kim Colwell. This vibrant hue, representing clarity, confidence, and optimism, is a potent mood booster for any home. Whether through bold statements or subtle accents, yellow can infuse your living space with positivity and warmth. Pair it with complimentary shades for a balanced and inviting atmosphere.


Blue, a popular choice for living rooms, offers a calm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for friendly spaces. When selecting colors for your home, consider the room’s intended purpose, aligning it with Feng Shui principles for optimal balance. In Feng Shui, blue embodies a tranquil and harmonizing energy, creating a serene ambiance. Interior designer and Feng Shui enthusiast Keely Smith experienced a remarkable transformation when she painted her living room in blues and greens. The space came alive, exuding a happier, more relaxing energy. Consider incorporating soft blues to cultivate a tranquil atmosphere in your living room and bedroom, providing a soothing escape after a long day.



Red, a robust and lively hue, demands careful consideration in Feng Shui. While it can boost a room’s energy, it’s unsuitable for every space. Interior expert Andra Del Monico suggests using red in active areas like the dining room or home office. However, Feng Shui expert Matthias Dettmann warns against excess. Too much red can lead to restlessness and stress. It’s best to avoid red in relaxation-oriented spaces like the bedroom. Instead, consider using deep red for a stylish and productivity-enhancing home office.