The Best Way To Be Mindful If You Hate Meditating

Many people nowadays suffer from a disconnect between their body and brain: Their bodily activities are one thing, but their mental activities are quite different. Experts say multitasking is more problematic than multitasking.

Clinical psychologist Corrie Goldberg, the founder of Shore Therapy Center, says a lack of mindfulness can make it difficult to connect deeply to our most meaningful experiences. She said, “Our body moves through the motions of life, but our head isn’t in the game.”

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It is well known that meditation is the best method of attaining mindfulness-but not everyone finds it appealing or practical. It may be awkward for some, or they may have trouble sitting still. Fortunately, one can practice mindfulness in virtually any activity and with any amount of time available.

If you can’t meditate, here are a few ways to practice mindfulness.

Stream Music

Music is considered an excellent way to practice mindfulness. Sound can energize or calm, or both. When considering mindfulness, Goldberg suggests considering what counts as focused attention. That way, you’ll be able to tell if your mind starts to wander. You can focus on your playlist by noticing the melody and observing how you move and feel without judgment or seeing the words and sound of the song.

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Enjoy The Natural World

Enjoy nature by walking, running, or biking in a park. Nature’s beauty promotes well-being, a pleasant mood, and alertness, even if spent for a short period. According to a meta-analysis published in 2019, nature-based mindfulness is moderately superior to other types of mindfulness. Maureen Kane, a therapist in Bellingham, suggests focusing on one sense.

Puzzles Are Fun

A puzzle could be the missing piece of your mindfulness routine. Experts say jigsaw puzzles promote mindfulness and creativity and are a great way to pass the time. Unlike other types of games, puzzles provide structure without overwhelming rules.