The Act Of Parenting Is Like Yoga

While modern perceptions of yoga often focus on its physical aspects, the true essence of the practice lies in mastering the mind to uncover our authentic selves. By gaining control over our thoughts, we realize that we are not limited to them but are something far more significant. Spiritual teachers often refer to yoga as “mind control” for this reason. Although many initially gravitate towards yoga for its physical benefits, such as improved fitness, these are surface-level advantages. The original purpose of the physical poses was to maintain bodily health, enabling practitioners to engage in mental work and introspection.

Image Credit: Pexels/Rainer Eck

The Intersection Of Yoga And Parenting

Throughout this week, I have focused on grounding myself in the present moment whenever I engage with each child. I’ve made a conscious effort not to let my attention waver to the concerns of the other child, even if they happen to be crying in another room (with proper supervision, of course). Many parents who continue their yoga practice regularly discuss the transformation from their physical exercise before having children, which typically involves more strength and longer sessions. Now, however, they find themselves simply grateful for the opportunity to recline on a bolster for a few precious minutes.

Image Credit: Pexels/Kamaji Ogino

Parenting: The Yoga Of Nurturing

By recognizing that yoga is not solely about the poses but also our mindset, we can cultivate more extraordinary kindness and embrace a more realistic perspective on our current practice. Parenting, like yoga, can be deceiving at times. There are moments when everything appears perfectly managed on the outside—dressed children, a tidy house, meeting deadlines, and a strong yoga practice. Yet, internally, the mind may feel scattered and distant from the present moment. On the other hand, there are periods where chaos reigns on the surface, such as during postpartum or with a hyperactive toddler. However, within this apparent messiness, a profound connection to our children and family can be found, surpassing any previous level of closeness.