Here Are Some Tips To Make The Most Of Your Pediatrician’s Well-Child Visit

The well-child visits that most children attend and the positive relationships families have with their healthcare providers present an excellent opportunity for parents to ask questions and pediatricians to provide information.

Sarah Clark, a researcher and co-director of the Mott Poll, said: “A well-child visit is both an assessment of the child’s growth and development and a check for any problems. It is also important to set up guidelines for families to keep their children healthy and safe.”

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According to Clark and several pediatricians, parents can make the most of these appointments. Check out their tips.

Prepare A List Of Questions For The Provider

Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, an NYC pediatrician, says parents should write down concerns about nutrition, exercise, activities, sleep issues, social and emotional health, behavioral problems, and physical complaints. Clark recommended looking back over the year and identifying moments when you weren’t sure what to do.

Observe Any Changes In Your Child’s Health

Well-child visits are an excellent opportunity to bring up any issues that may cause concern, whether you’ve noticed changes in your child’s demeanor or appetite or daycare providers or teachers have noticed a change. Almost all pediatricians and family physicians know the wide range of normal, and they are glad to give advice, refer you to specialists, or even reassure you.

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Choose A Provider You Can Trust

Clark said open communication is vital. You trust that this person will look out for your kids as best as possible. The best thing you can do for your child is to build a relationship with your provider over time, but if you feel you need to hide things from them or are unable to be upfront about specific topics, it may be time to move on.