Chlorophyll Water: Why It’s So Beneficial?

The benefits of chlorophyll water are hard to ignore when researching them. Among the numerous claims on the liquid’s website, it is a miracle worker, supposedly helping with cell regeneration, skin glow, body odor, boosting energy levels, and even easing hangovers.

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Chlorophyll: What Is It?

Chlorophyll is the bright green pigment found in plants that is essential to their growth and survival. The pigment absorbs light energy and produces oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll Water: What Is It?

A water-soluble form of chlorophyll, chlorophyllin, gives green plants and vegetables their colors, and some experts say it is better absorbed than pure chlorophyll, available in pill or powder form.

Is Chlorophyll Water Beneficial?

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic & clinical research in dermatology, said several studies have suggested that liquid chlorophyll promotes red blood cell production. The result may be increased oxygen delivery to your tissues, which is why some people notice a healthy glow after drinking it. Since the liquid enhances wound healing when applied topically, it may also prove effective against aging since many anti-wrinkling products have roots in skin health.

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Does Chlorophyll Water Have To Be Consumed?

Generally, kale, spinach, asparagus, wheatgrass, broccoli, and other foods that are whole, fresh, and green contain chlorophyll. However, most of us don’t eat enough of that stuff every day, which is why a full tablespoon of the liquid form, straight up, won’t harm us.

Does Chlorophyll Water Have Any Side Effects?

It’s essential to know three things before starting a daily regimen: Liquid chlorophyll can cause extra-sensitive skin to the sun, so wear sunblock outside, especially if you’re fair. It can prolong its efficacy if you keep it cold, even if it doesn’t say so on the label. You shouldn’t be concerned if your urine has a green tint, which means your kidneys are processing the liquid.