A New Study Reveals How To Live Longer Through Healthy Eating Patterns

Diet may play a role in predicting the length of your life. An American Medical Association study published in the Journal Of the American Medical Association analyzed dietary quality and mortality. A study found that people who consume nutrient-dense diets are less likely to die early.

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There were four types of eating patterns that have been studied:

  • The Healthy Eating Index 2015 (HEI) measures diet quality and adherence based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • AHEI stands for Alternate Healthy Eating Index, developed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers. HEI provides scoring but reduces chronic disease risk more than HEI does.
  • An alternative Mediterranean diet (AMED) measures adaptation to the Mediterranean diet.
  • Plant-based diet adherence is measured with the Healthful Plant-based Diet Index (HPDI).

Dietary Compliance Is Multifaceted

People who adhered to at least one of the healthier eating indexes had the lowest risk of death compared with people who did not stick. There was a similar outcome among all four healthy eating indexes. In addition, higher adherence scores for AMED and AHEI were associated with reduced mortality risk from neurodegenerative diseases.

The study’s lead author was Dr. Frank Hu of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. According to him, these diets differ in some ways, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes, and fewer refined grains, added sugars, sodium, and red meats. A plant-based approach was also more prevalent.

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Here are five dietary habits that will help you live longer:

  • The best way to consume more plants is to consume more fiber.
  • Healthy fats in nuts can boost satiety and fullness, vital components in weight loss.
  • The pigment in plants is called phytonutrients and provides color and benefits to the plant. Consuming colorful fruits and vegetables may also help you live longer.
  • There was a strong emphasis on beans, legumes, and fish in several eating patterns.