While Nursing, If Your Baby Falls Asleep, What Should You Do?

As a parent, one thing you’ve come to expect from your newborn is that they want to be fed constantly. They stir and cry every two hours like clockwork, letting us know it’s that time of day again. If they drift back to sleep after nursing, what should we do?

Despite well-meaning advice, what should you do if your baby falls asleep while nursing? Find out why young babies fall asleep while nursing and what you should do.

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During Nursing, Why Do Babies Fall Asleep?

It takes a lot of energy to adjust to life outside the womb. Nursing also releases a hormone that makes newborns feel sleepy, in addition to new experiences and sensations. During feeding, they may drowse.

You might be unable to keep your baby awake if they don’t latch properly. In addition, young babies tend to fall asleep while nursing. Check that your baby is sucking and swallowing after you start nursing. Try again if they don’t last more than a few minutes.

Does This Ever Cause Concern?

It’s important to discuss this with your child’s pediatrician if you are worried that there may be a problem during your baby’s first few months of life. A baby with jaundice may not feed well or sleep more. When your baby is experiencing this, their doctor will let you know. If you have any concerns about your child, your doctor will raise them.

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How To Deal With An Asleep Baby?

Try these tricks to keep your baby awake during feeding sessions if they seem to be sleepy.

Change Sides: Your baby may show signs of “milk drunk” before they’ve had much opportunity to nurse if their suckle slows down after a few minutes. You can change sides if they are alert enough, and they can continue on the other side.

Give Them A Tickle: Tickle your child’s toes to keep them alert even if they aren’t likely to laugh if they fall asleep while nursing; it will wake them.

Check Their Latches: Suppose your baby is asleep while nursing; you can check their latch. Your baby can get sleepy if it is not latched correctly. It’s because your baby is not getting enough milk. Your child’s age determines how long nursing sessions should last.


A newborn is sleepy by nature. See your doctor if you’re concerned about your baby sleeping excessively or being too exhausted to finish feeding. A doctor will check their health and weight and rule out any medical issues.