What You Need To Know To Get Free Hotel Perks

When it comes to hospitality, there are numerous ways to save money. Traveling for work or pleasure, we all know someone who always seems to receive free upgrades, drink vouchers, and other perks when booking a hotel room. There are other amenities and excellent benefits that you can receive during a hotel stay besides little bonus amenities.

Experts share their tips for gaining hotel perks without spending a fortune.

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Make A Direct Booking With The Hotel

Andrea Woroch, the budgeting expert, said, “Book directly with the hotel. Some hotels offer better rates when you book directly with them because they prefer not to lose any reservation payments to third-party sites. There may also be a special on their site that gives you some complimentary amenities with that booking. After receiving your confirmation, please email the hotel to let them know how much you’re looking forward to your stay. The hotel might pay special attention to your visit.

Let The Hotel Know You’re Celebrating

Most hotels strive to earn your loyalty since they’re in the hospitality business. Chris Hutchins, a “financial optimizer,” advises contacting the hotel directly and sending a personal email. “Let them know if there is anything special worth celebrating,” he said. Follow up again a few days before your arrival to ensure you’re still coming.

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Become A Hotel Loyalty Member

Susag said the best way to get extra benefits is to join a hotel loyalty program like Marriott Bonvoy, World of Hyatt, or Hilton Honors. You can earn points for free stays, room upgrades, and more. Besides being extra accommodating, Susag believes staff in loyalty programs are extra friendly. Getting a hotel-branded credit card can help you earn more loyalty points, so compare the rates and benefits.

Make Sure You Research

In addition to TripAdvisor reviews, Hutchins recommended Expedia for information about hotels and resorts. There are all kinds of topics you can search for, like whether you need reservations in advance at the hotel’s restaurants or whether they offer free sunscreen at the pool. Be sure you know what the resort fee includes before your trip if it appears on your reservation.