What To Do When You Feel Blue Post-Vacation

Discovering new places, relaxing, and experiencing joy are all part of the travel experience. It feels the exact opposite when you return home to your daily grind.

Psychiatrist Sue Varma, a clinical assistant professor at NYU Langone Health, explained that post-vacation blues could last a week to ten days. As we explored new places and met new people, our brains were flooded with dopamine and serotonin. You don’t have to suffer returning to your routine. Several travel experts share their tips for keeping the post-vacation blues at bay.

Get Home And Unpack Your Suitcase

When we return from a trip, we often let our bags sit by the door for days after we leave them. Nonetheless, this move makes the home seem less inviting after vacation mode.

Phil Dengler, the co-founder of The Vacationer, recommends unpacking your suitcase the same day you get home. As a result, your brain signals that vacation has ended and everyday life will resume soon.”

Discover Meals; You Tried On Your Travels

Next Vacay’s CEO and co-founder Naveen Dittakavi said beating post-vacation blues is always challenging. It’s not impossible to bring your trip back to your home life. Explore grocery stores and restaurants in neighborhoods with large communities from the region if you want to enjoy a dish you tried on your trip.

Organize Your Next Trip

McIntosh says to start thinking about your next vacation to get over post-vacation blues. It’s helpful to focus your mind again, even if nothing is booked immediately. Travel planning can boost your mental health, so make a bucket list of places you want to visit soon and in the future. Find the perfect accommodation, drool over the cuisine, and dream up your next adventure.”

Creating Memories Together

Share your travel photos and memories with loved ones even if you don’t create a physical album. Rocky Trifari, travel blogger at The Rocky Safari, said, “Looking through my photo albums helps me relive my favorite travel memories.” “Other possibilities include scrapbooking, blogging, journaling, even making some type of collage.”