What Hotels Are Doing To Entice Travelers Back

There are still unresolved issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the travel sector, from this summer’s air travel chaos to staffing shortages in hospitality industries worldwide.

Even though the hotel industry continues to recover from years of unexpected losses, full recovery is several years away. According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, revenue per available room may not reach pre-pandemic levels until 2025, when adjusted for inflation.

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Given the increased popularity of Airbnb and VRBO during the pandemic, the data is perhaps not surprising. Many travellers said they preferred renting a private home to be away from others and cook their food.

Hotel experts share some excellent deals and strategies for enticing travellers to return to friendly lodgings.

A Focus On Workspaces

In the year 2020, many office spaces have closed forever. Others remain empty due to flexible policies allowing workers to come in as little as they wish.

Many travellers are taking advantage of “working from anywhere” and exploring new destinations after work. Some business travellers no longer work from their company’s office in another city. Jessica Nabongo, travel expert and author, said, “Since so many people are working from home, we’re seeing incentive programs for hotels.”

Offers For Long-Term Stays

People can also spend more time in a destination when they work remotely and hybrid alloy than when they have to be at the office five days a week.

Steve Adkins, chairman of the Miami Beach visitor and convention authority, said, “Miami Beach hotels are providing travellers with opportunities to extend their stays through length-of-stay offers and remote work packages, catering to the new leisure nomad.” Industry experts have cited the extended stay business model as one of the essential recovery areas.

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Concentrate On Your Strengths

Businesses are quick to draw attention to the benefits of concierges, room service, bag assistance, housekeeping, and even just the availability of a 24/7 maintenance desk. The most uncomplicated hotel stay can offer benefits that vacation rentals don’t necessarily provide. Hotel ads emphasize these differences. Nichols said, “There’s nothing quite like a great hotel stay. I enjoy walking into a hotel and seeing how much people enjoy travelling together again.”