What Hair Stylists Don’t Like About “Polite” Salon Habits

The salon is a blend of professionalism and socializing, attracting people needing a hair refresh, be it a color boost or a new cut. While there are guidelines, the key to a great experience lies in your interaction with the stylist. While it’s tempting to be overly polite, it’s not always required. Let the stylist take charge of the appointment, and you’ll be sure to have a successful position.

The following are “polite” habits that hairdressers would prefer to see you avoid.

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Arriving Early

Avoid being late, but showing up too early often doesn’t have the desired outcome. It can pressure the stylist to rush with their current client. Stylists’ schedules are usually tightly packed, so you’ll likely have to wait until your appointment or a few minutes after. Calling ahead to check if the stylist is available earlier can help, as the reception desk can advise if arriving early is worthwhile.

Getting The Products You Need

While it’s essential to feel at ease in the salon, it’s crucial to remember that it’s not your personal space. The hair products and tools near your chair are meant for the stylist, as they can impact the outcome. Thus, it’s best to let your stylist make professional decisions on how to proceed. If you desire an additional spritz of hairspray before leaving, politely ask for it.

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Taking Pictures

Resist the urge to document your new hairstyle midway. It’s OK to take selfies once the service is complete but refrain from adjusting or moving during the cut or coloring for the sake of photos. If you want your stylist to be in the picture, remember to ask for their permission.

Keeping Complaints And Concerns Quiet

Politely communicate your areas of concern that can be adjusted or improved before leaving. While it may feel impolite, it’s preferred by stylists if you express your concerns about your finished look directly to them when you’re unhappy. Understandably, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but addressing the issue in the moment is better than complaining to the receptionist or contacting the salon later.