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Vicks Vaporub Is For More Than Just Congestion

When most of us think of Vicks Vaporub we think of using it when we have a bad cold or major congestion.  However, there is more to this product than most think.  We will show you a few other alternatives for its use.

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One of the first aromatherapy items on the market, vaporub works wonders.  By simply rubbing the salve on your chest or nose, you will begin to feel your congested sinuses open up.  The salve can also be used in a home humidifier, offering additional relief from congestion.

Painful Muscles

When you found that you have overdone it, and your muscles are giving you discomfort, don’t forget to reach for the vaporub.  By rubbing the salve at the point of the pain, you will feel an almost instant relief.  Vaporub contains both anti-inflammatory and painkilling ingredients.

Image: Wise Owl Remedies

Achy Ears

Nothing is more painful than an earache.  However, you can soothe the pain by dipping a cotton ball into the vaporub, then placing it on your ear cup.  It will not treat the ache itself, but it will go a long way to soothing the pain associated with it.

Squeaky Hinge No More

There’s not much that will ride along your nerves and make you cringe like the sound of a squeaky door hinge.  You can quickly remedy this problem by rubbing a little of the salve onto the hinge, and work the door back and forth until the sound is gone.

Image: Yahoo

Toe Fungus Be Gone

Other than containing methol, which helps with colds and congestion, vaporub also contains thymol.  Thymol has shown to remove toenail fungus.  Simply make sure your feet are clean and dry, then coat them with the vaporub, topically.

Heel Softener

Dry and scaly heels can be very discomforting and in some cases painful.  Before turning in at night simply rub your heals with the vaporub, and put on a good pair of socks.  When you wake up the next morning, your heels will be smooth as a babies bottom.

Vicks vaporub has more uses than most people realize.  It aids in helping with a wide range of health issues, a few of which are listed above.  Make sure you have some in your medicine cabinet so that if the need arises, you can take advantage of its healing properties yourself.