Tips For Improving Your Small Dog’s Leash Walking

Leash walking can be a delightful bonding experience between you and your canine companion, but it often poses challenges, especially when you have a small dog; if you struggle with a leash-pulling pooch, fear not! Professional trainers have a clever tip that can transform your walks. Discover the “treat trail” technique for small dogs and say goodbye to leash woes.

Gather Your Supplies

Before beginning, ensure you have readily available essential items: your dog’s leash and a pocket filled with conveniently manageable small treats. Opt for treats that your dog finds irresistible.

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 Choose A Low-Distraction Setting

Begin training in a calm, low-distraction environment. Minimizing external stimuli allows your dog to focus on the task at hand.

Walk In A Straight Line

With your dog on one side, walk straight. Maintain a comfortable leash length without any tugging or pulling. It sets the foundation for controlled walking.

 Create The “Treat Trail”

Drop small treats in a straight line as you walk, spacing them approximately a foot apart. These treats are from the enticing “treat trail” your dog will eagerly follow. Use a cue like “follow” or “trail” to signal your dog’s role in this adventure.

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 Offer Encouragement

As your dog follows the treat trail, offer verbal praise and encouragement. A cheerful tone lets your dog know they are on the right track and doing an excellent job.

 Gradually Increase Difficulty

As your dog becomes more proficient, challenge them by increasing the distance between treats and introducing turns or changes in direction. It keeps your dog engaged and sharpens their leash walking skills.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is the cornerstone of any successful training method. Practice regularly, rewarding your dog with treats and praise for good behavior. Your small dog will become a leash-walking pro with time and patience.