These Dating Tips From Therapists Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Divorced

While dating for an intentional reason before marriage can improve your chances of finding a partner with whom you are compatible long-term, there’s no way to predict divorce.

Sara Tick, founder, and therapist at Modern Meet says that understanding the expectations of the people you date and your own will help you see if they match up. You can also gain insight into whether a relationship is sustainable by noticing how you communicate, fight, and make decisions as you date.

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Shadeen Francis, a sex therapist, argues that relationship goals are more important than relationship structure. To build a healthy partnership that feels good to everyone involved, she tells her clients to date, intending to build a beneficial partnership.

Francis and Tick offered advice on dating for a long-term relationship and avoiding divorce.

Know The Values Of Your Dates

Tick cautioned against having too many non-negotiables while dating, and new singles should be curious and open to different opinions. Finding a partner who shares your values and aspirations can help you find a good match. You should also consider where you live, your religion, and your career.

Identify Your Dating Mistakes And Break Them

People often make the mistake of focusing too much on a first impression and carrying their grief into a new relationship. Considering your dating patterns may help you figure out why your past relationships didn’t work, Tick said. Many of her clients work with her on their vulnerability, asking them what would happen if they stopped performing when dating.

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Decide On Someone After Knowing Them For A Year

It’s easy to focus on the positives in a new relationship. Your new lover is likely doing the same. As a result, you’ll not have a complete picture right away. Tick recommended dating someone seriously for a year before moving in together or getting engaged. The key to a fulfilling relationship is focusing on how you grow with someone.

Consider How You Deal With Disagreements

It doesn’t necessarily mean a couple is happy or fulfilled if they never fight. Pay more attention to the nature of your arguments than the frequency. Most people argue about how much time they spend with in-laws since family is a fixture in their lives. Instead, listen and try to understand your partner’s perspective.