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These Are The Types Of Stomach Pain That Are The Most Common

There will be a time in everyone’s life when they experience stomach pain. It can occur anywhere from the chest to the groin and is typically termed abdominal pain by doctors. Symptoms of abdominal pain can range from benign, such as gas or constipation, to more severe conditions, like colon inflammation.

Generally, abdominal pain does not pose a significant problem. It’s typically possible to improve symptoms of chronic conditions with some diet and lifestyle changes, even those with chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These are the most common stomach pain types:

Diet Or Food Causes Stomach Pain

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Some people can have gas and bloating after eating certain foods, such as high-fiber fruits and carbohydrates. It is also possible to get indigestion from overeating. Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, a clinical associate professor, said Inflammation in the stomach might also be caused by taking certain medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen.


One of the leading causes of abdominal discomfort is constipation. The main causes are medications, inactivity, lack of exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes. Ganjhu said, “If they notice that they have pain and haven’t emptied their bowels in a while or have incomplete bowels, then they need to either take a laxative or an enema to unplug.”

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The symptoms of IBS include abdominal pain, irregular bowel habits, and pain that worsens or improves with bowel movements. It affects 10 to 15% of the population and is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and change your eating and drinking habits.

Stomach Pain: How To Cope

If you suffer from abdominal pain, getting a correct diagnosis is crucial because your treatment plan, such as dietary changes, medications, or surgery, will depend on the cause. Getting tests from a gastroenterologist can help pinpoint the cause of your pain if the pain persists. Keeping a diet diary can also help you determine if certain foods or activities contribute to abdominal pain.