The Types And Colors Of Wood Used In Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinets bring timeless warmth to any kitchen. They offer a range of types, styles, durability levels, and prices. We’ve curated a list of the most commonly used woods to simplify your choice. As the predominant feature in kitchens, cabinets are both functional and decorative. Whether in a rustic farmhouse or a downtown loft, wood cabinets provide durability and classic charm, seamlessly complementing different color schemes and materials.

Red Oak

Red oak, a budget-friendly option, is widely employed in kitchen cabinet construction. Its durability and inherent warmth make it a popular choice. Notably, its grain becomes prominent when stained. While red oak can potentially give a kitchen a dated look, it exudes a timeless charm with the right approach. Opt for sleeker cabinet fronts and matte black hardware to bring it into the modern era. Alternatively, enhance its warmth with a light stain and antique brass pulls.

Beech Wood

While pricier, beech wood is a less conventional but exquisite cabinet option. This hardwood boasts impressive weight, strength, and longevity, making it ideal for a modern kitchen. Pair it with bright white walls, sleek light fixtures, minimalist hardware, and ample natural light for a contemporary look and feel.


Hickory offers sturdy cabinet material with a striking grain, equally appealing when stained or left natural, with a clear lacquer finish. It exudes strength and warmth, though it falls into the pricier category. Opt for a dark stain to offset its natural heat and complement it with brass hardware for a timeless, classic aesthetic.

Selecting Wood That Complements Your Style

Tailoring Wood Choices to Your Design: Consider budget and desired aesthetic when selecting cabinet materials. Traditional spaces may benefit from warm-toned woods like red oak or cherry, while modern designs often favor sleek white oak. To balance wood’s presence, consider painted cabinets paired with a standout wooden island, creating a focal point and central gathering spot.