The Top Mistakes Travelers Make On Long-Haul Flights

People probably want fewer things to do in their leisure time than sitting on a plane for hours. Traveling long distances is necessary, but long-haul flights are not always available.

Casey Brogan, a consumer travel expert, said, “A long-haul flight can be daunting and stressful. Airports and security lines generate traveler anxiety, especially with new guidelines and ever-changing restrictions.”

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Additionally, there are many ways to make the flight more enjoyable besides picturing the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Travel experts shared common mistakes travelers make on long-haul flights and suggestions for avoiding them.

Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Clothes

Phil Dengler, the co-founder of the Vacationer, said, “The most common mistake people make on long-haul flights are not dressing properly.” For maximum comfort and coziness, choose soft fabrics and stretchy garments instead of heavy and restrictive clothing. For changing cabin temperatures, it is helpful to wear layers. For long-haul flights, make sure to invest in some compression socks.

Keeping An Eye On The Time

It’s said that “a watched pot never boils.” Similarly, time will move slower if you stare at the clock during a flight. Brogan advises, “Keep your watch set to the time of the landing site, but avoid counting the hours while you’re on board.”

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Without Entertainment, Flying Is Not Fun

“Always ensure your laptop, iPad, or phone is fully charged before traveling so that you can watch movies, listen to music, or listen to podcasts,” Brogan advised. You don’t have to watch a screen for entertainment. Do crossword puzzles or bring a book.

A Lack Of Self-Care

It might seem like time and rules don’t apply on a long flight, but taking care of yourself and your body is still essential. Brogan said, “Get up to walk around and stretch every few hours. Your legs will thank you once you arrive!” Ensure that you stay hydrated and take your medications and vitamins daily.