The Best Ways To Cope With Air Travel Right Now

There are new headlines about mass flight cancellations, delays, lost luggage, understaffed airlines, shockingly long lines, personnel strikes, and rising prices every week.

Martin Jones, CEO of Airport Parking Reservations, said, “Traveling in summer 2022 is certainly being met with challenges. However, this is not to say that you will not get the opportunity to relax on the beach you have been dreaming about or able to tick off a city tour from your bucket list.”

Travelers can still ease some of the stress associated with flying by taking some steps. Experts share tips below to make air travel less painful.

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Don’t Be Late To The Airport

Omar Kaywan, “Give yourself plenty of time at the airport. Arrive at least three hours before your flight.” These days, long security lines are not uncommon at airports. Build in extra buffer time when you encounter a particularly long or slow queue.

When Possible, Take Nonstop Flights

In the long run, nonstop flights may save you money and time. If you can, stick to one flight.

Kelly said, “Now’s the time to spend a little extra money or utilize your points to book direct.”

If you cannot avoid a connection, give yourself enough buffer time between the first and second flights. It’s not a good idea to sprint through the terminal during delays.

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Keep An Eye On Your Checked Bag

Keyes said, “If possible, don’t check a bag. There’s a higher chance that you’ll miss your flight if you have to wait in line to check bags and then at security.” If you have to check a bag, you can avoid this situation. Check your suitcase before removing any previous labels or barcodes. Ensure your bag has a photo and your contact information on it.

Ensure That You Choose The Right Seat

Dittakavi said, “When you’re on the flight, be sure to book a window seat. You’ll be able to rest on the window and not be disturbed by other passengers.” Health experts agree the window seat has the lowest COVID spread risk compared to middle and aisle seats.