Tempt Your Craving With These Healthy And Sweet Snacks

Snacks bring joy to our day; they provide a sweet reward to look forward to and prevent us from feeling excessively hungry between meals. While indulging in sour gummies may not be the healthiest option, we cannot completely give up our love for sugar. But, we can make a conscious effort to include a few healthy snacks that satisfy our sweet tooth and hunger pangs. With nutrition experts’ help, a few delicious sweet snacks meet this criterion.

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What Makes A Healthy Sweet Snack?

Traditional treats like candy and cookies are not ideal for healthy snacking. But what about other options, such as yogurt and protein bars? To maximize the effect of your sweet treat, choose natural sugars over added sugars and combine them with fiber and protein. Check out these healthy sweet snacks.

Yogurt With Fruit

Yogurt is a fantastic source of protein, particularly the Greek variety. It will not only increase the fiber content but also add an extra touch of sweetness to the snack. Add fruit toppings such as sliced berries, diced apples, or cubed pineapple to make it a more nutritious and sweet snack.

Homemade Granola Bars

Making your bars is a great way to customize a sweet snack to your taste preferences instead of buying prepackaged bars. Homemade bars allow you to choose your flavors and sweetener amounts. Adding nuts and dried fruit can further enhance the fat, fiber, and protein content.

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A Fruit Smoothie

A smoothie that keeps you full for an extended period includes a good balance of protein, fat, and fiber. If you are looking for ways to increase your smoothie’s protein, fat, and fiber content, consider yogurt, nut butter, and oats rather than protein powders, which may contain added sweeteners.

Apples And Nut Butter

Apples and nut butter are a classic combination that never fails to deliver. According to the USDA, one medium-sized apple contains approximately 5 grams fiber. Nut butter is a satiating source of fat and protein. Combining these two ingredients creates a snack that’s both nutritious and delicious.