Popular Sparkling Water Is Healthy, But Is It Safe?

The carbonated soda industry, a $328 billion market according to Statista, is witnessing significant growth. The seltzer water segment, valued at over $32 billion, is projected to reach $93 billion by 2030. This surge is fueled by celebrity and influencer endorsements. While seltzer water’s popularity soars, it’s crucial for consumers to be aware of both its benefits and drawbacks.

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Seltzer Water: What Is It?

Seltzer or sparkling or bubbly water infuses still moisture with carbon dioxide bubbles. As gastroenterologist Jamie Bering, MD, from Mayo Clinic, explained, this process generates the characteristic fizziness. Well-known brands like La Croix, Perrier, and S. Pellegrino offer popular options. Additionally, some individuals utilize devices like SodaStream to carbonate water at home.

Is Seltzer Water Detrimental To Your Health?

Seltzer water offers unique advantages over plain tap water. It’s just as hydrating but with added appeal due to its diverse flavors. Unlike some flavored options, seltzer water typically doesn’t rely on artificial sweeteners, making it suitable for those watching calories or avoiding added sugars. It makes it an excellent alternative to soda, which often contains excessive sugar levels linked to health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. For instance, a single can of Coca-Cola surpasses the recommended daily intake of added sugar for both women and men, emphasizing the benefits of choosing seltzer water as a healthier option.

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The Impact Of Seltzer Water On Your Body

Due to its carbonation, Seltzer water triggers similar effects in the stomach as soda or other fizzy drinks. When carbonation meets the stomach, the body warms it, causing the release and expansion of carbon dioxide gas, often leading to burping or flatulence. Many prefer this effect over the plain taste of water. Experts unanimously recommend seltzer water over traditional soft drinks. However, individual reactions may vary based on health, preferences, and consumption habits. It’s crucial to practice moderation and seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have health concerns about seltzer water.