On A Trip, What To Do If You Forget To Bring Your Prescription Medication

Prescription medications are essential items to pack when traveling. There is, however, a little preparation involved in bringing them.

Check with your physician to ensure your medications are available during your trip. Remember to leave the prescription in the bottle and have the prescription note when traveling with most medications.

Dr. Kavita Desaim, a pharmacist, said, “It’s also beneficial to have a current list from your pharmacy with descriptions of each of your medications on hand, as the drugs may have different names depending on which country you’re traveling to.”

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Taking liquid medications on a plane in the U.S. is limited to travel-sized containers of 3.4 ounces. Dr. Neela Sethi Young, a pediatrician, said ice packs are essential when packing children’s medications.

If you’re packing for your vacation, it’s expected you might forget your medications. It’s essential to act quickly if you realize that you forgot your medications while traveling. Here is how you can get medicine when you’re away from home.

Consult Your Doctor Right Away

Get in touch with your doctor when you realize you forgot a medication. Please send a message via your patient portal or call their office.

Desai said, “Your physician’s office may be able to fax or email a note of your latest medical consultation or summary of your health conditions and medications with dosing instructions.” You can even have your prescription transferred to a pharmacy near you if you’re traveling domestically in the U.S.

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In The Case Of An Emergency, Contact Your Pharmacy

Medication records are kept in the pharmacy where you collect your prescription.

Sethi Young recommends contacting a pharmacist back home if you cannot reach your doctor so that they can find the exact names of your medications and associated dosages.

Visit The Local Pharmacy

You can purchase your prescription medications at a local pharmacy once you receive a copy of your medication record. Desai suggests visiting a hospital-based or reputable chain pharmacy and insisting on the original packaging.

Prescription medication rules vary by country. It may be necessary to visit a local physician for a new prescription if you are denied medication after showing your prescription.