Let’s Ease Holiday Stress With This 10-Minute Exercise Challenge

Many people think the holiday season is the most beautiful time of the year, and they are right. Despite all the joy we derive from the bustle and hustle, being so busy can also leave us stressed, sleep-deprived, and unable to take care of ourselves. Aside from that, short, darker days and cold weather harm many people’s mental health during winter.

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This 31-Day Challenge Involves Cardio And Walking.

Fitting fitness into your schedule without stress is the goal of this month’s workout plan. The goal is to incorporate quick bursts of cardio into small moments of downtime, so you can stay active without spending much time. Get a boost of energy and mood with just a few minutes of cardio activity. No equipment or space is needed for this routine, so that you can do it anywhere. A routine inside ensures unpredictable weather won’t stop you from exercising.

Maintaining A Commitment

Things inevitably get in the way – especially this time of year. Consider how you can get around obstacles in advance. For example, if you know that Christmas Day will be hectic for you, think about that now. You might even do your cardio while you’re cooking on that day. If there are days you know it’s going to be more challenging to get to the challenge, have a backup plan. You’ll likely miss a day despite your best efforts. Find out how many days you can miss before it becomes a problem.

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Indoor Cardio Workout For 10 Minutes

You can choose from low-impact and high-impact moves. Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, or watch a cheesy holiday film while doing this cardio workout. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds before moving on to the next. You’ll feel out of breath, sweaty, and much happier after 10 minutes! Repeat the circuit twice.