Is It True That Cherries Make You Poop?

The cherry season brings about discussions on favorite recipes, cherry-pitting contests, and the age-old question: “Do cherries make you poop?” We consulted Registered Dietitians to uncover the truth behind this claim. Let’s find out what they have to say.

The Science Of Food

Let’s explore the science behind bowel movements. Your digestive system is a collection of organs working together to break down the food you eat. The process starts in your mouth as you chew, and then the food travels through organs, breaking down into usable and unusable parts, known as waste. Nutrients are absorbed from the food, while anything indigestible is eliminated as urine and feces (scientifically known as poop). Science sheds light on this crucial bodily process.

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Cherries: Do They Induce Pooping?

After learning about digestion, let’s explore cherries’ impact. Like many fruits, Cherries contain insoluble fiber that our bodies can’t break down. This fiber moves through the digestive tract, removing waste and adding bulk to stool. Consuming fiber-rich foods like cherries promotes gut health and encourages regular bowel movements by fueling beneficial gut bacteria. Additionally, the insoluble fiber in cherries helps soften stool by absorbing water.

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Is There A Difference In Their Impact On Bowel Movements?

Fortunately, both sweet and tart cherries offer similar nutritional benefits for digestion. While sour cherries have slightly less fiber than sweet cherries, both are excellent for digestion-supporting diets. The best cherry to eat depends on personal taste and how you plan to cook or prepare them, says Madkin. Regardless, incorporating cherries into your diet can bring various potential health benefits, including supporting regular bowel movements.