Here’s What A Top Pediatrician Says You Should Know About Allergies In Children

Even the most responsible adults face a challenge when they have allergies, as they need to keep track of medications, avoid triggers, and manage symptoms regularly. However, managing allergies in children can be particularly challenging.

According to allergist Dr. Tania Elliot, managing a child’s allergies can be particularly challenging for parents. It is because parents must keep track of symptoms that may not be their own, and children may not have the language or awareness to communicate how they feel. With reports indicating the earliest spring in parts of the U.S. in the past four decades, managing allergies in children this year can be even more daunting. However, parents can use a few strategies to manage their child’s allergies, whether they are focused on prevention or already dealing with symptoms. Remember these tips as you create an allergy management plan for your child.

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Consider Getting A Pet

Studies have indicated that owning a cat or dog during the first year of a child’s life can decrease their likelihood of developing allergies. Of course, getting a pet solely to reduce allergy risk is not advisable. Nevertheless, suppose you have been contemplating adding a furry companion to your family or already have one. In that case, knowing that it could lower your child’s risk of developing allergies is comforting.

Use Antibiotics When Necessary

Antibiotics are often overprescribed for children in the U.S. Pediatrician Dr. Elliot advises avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use in the first 12 months of life, as studies suggest they increase the risk of developing allergies. She advises, “It’s recommended to steer clear of antibiotics during the first 12 months.” If your child doesn’t need antibiotics, avoiding them is best.

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Allergies In Children: What To Do

  • Undergo testing
  • Stay away from triggers
  • Consult your doctor about treatment options