Glucose Monitors Are Being Worn By So Many Health And Fitness Enthusiasts

A health-saving device may be another woman’s lifestyle tracker. People who are active and healthy are becoming increasingly interested in glucose monitoring. Glucose is the most common sugar found in your blood. Some start-ups advocate tracking this health marker to optimize workouts and boost energy.

It gets dicey: With the mainstream focus on glucose comes to the promotion of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) devices. Diabetes experts have opinions about tracking blood sugar fluctuations around the clock when you’re generally healthy-with technology other patients need.

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Getting To Know Your Blood Sugar

Sugar is one of the essential chemical components your body breaks down when it consumes carbohydrates. Sugar enters your bloodstream and gets carried to cells for energy. Fueling your muscles and brain requires sustenance. It’s essential for athletes. Caroline Apovian, MD, an internist, and co-director, says that forces use glucose almost immediately to power their movements.

The Diabetes Conversation

It’s easy to keep glucose levels under control when you don’t have diabetes. When you have diabetes, you need resources to regulate blood sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes is often diagnosed in children and young adults due to insulin deficiency. Dr Narang says the pancreas can’t release insulin, so you need injectables. Diabetes type 2, however, is a disease of insulin resistance.

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How Continuous Glucose Monitors Work

CGMs monitor your glucose levels every few minutes, around the clock, with a tiny sensor inserted into your skin. These are total game-changers for people with diabetes. Dr Narang says CGMs help him determine if insulin dosing is appropriate for patients. However, experts don’t recommend healthy individuals use CGMs for various reasons we’ll discuss.


It is up to you whether you enjoy tracking your body and health data, whether you can maintain a healthy relationship with wearables, and whether you can invest in new tech. Dr Narang says your body will manage these hormones independently if you focus on eating low-processed food and refined carbs.