Gastroenterologist’s Four Easy Food Swaps For Gut Health

We’re huge fans of Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, a gastroenterologist and cookbook author. He uses his social media to provide science-backed tips for better gut health. These include remedies for smoother digestion, top nutrients for weight loss, and, lately, quick food swaps for overnight gut improvement. While he notes complete healing takes time (weeks to months), Bulsiewicz recently shared that tweaking eating habits can trigger positive shifts in your gut microbiome as soon as the next day. “Today’s food choices set the stage for tomorrow’s microbiome,” he explained. For a starting point, here are four simple food swaps endorsed by Bulsiewicz to enhance your gut health.

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Spice Up Your Coffee: Skip Creamer And Sugar

Getting coffee from a cafe can be a hidden sugar source. Swap sugar for gut-healthy spices like turmeric or ginger. I enjoy adding cinnamon, especially in the fall. If black coffee isn’t your preference, some milk or a plant-based option works. It adds protein and aids in reducing inflammation.

Opt For Kombucha Instead Of Soda

Ditching daily soda can protect your oral health, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Try replacing it with kombucha – a heart-healthy, hydrating option. This fermented drink also supports gut health. You can purchase or make kombucha using just five ingredients with our Homemade Kombucha recipe.

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Swap Chips For Veggies To Dip And Delight

Opt for veggies over chips for dipping – a small yet impactful change. Carrots are Bulsiewicz’s pick, but any dip-friendly veggie works, like bell peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. Give these creamy, top-rated dips a shot with our veggie ideas – you’ll be grateful later!

Choose Guac Over Queso

Bulsiewicz suggests guacamole, and our excitement matches yours. While queso is undeniably tasty, opting for the avocado-based dip enhances gut health. Packed with fiber, it aligns with your health objectives. And dare we proclaim, it’s even more delightful?