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From Picturesque Villages To Glitzy Cities, Switzerland Has It All

Switzerland offers a diverse tapestry of snowy peaks, vibrant valleys, and cultural cities. Catja-Camilla Straub of GatyaGoes highlights its multilingual, distinct cantons catering to various interests. Tim Wehrle, a guide and underwater archaeologist in Zurich, attests to Switzerland’s ability to encapsulate Europe’s diversity in one country, from tranquil mountain valleys to a Mediterranean vibe in the south and a lively nightlife to historic town centers.


“With just 450,000 residents, Zurich is Switzerland’s largest and liveliest gem,” Straub remarked. Beyond its renown for banking and shopping, she points out that Zurich holds a deep Roman history. Straub suggests a guided walking tour with a local expert like herself for a comprehensive exploration.

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne provides some of Switzerland’s most stunning vistas. This sparkling lake spans 43 square miles, allowing visitors to hike its perimeter, navigate its waters by boat, or choose from various exceptional hotels along its shores to soak in the breathtaking scenery.


For history enthusiasts, Ticino in southern Switzerland is a treasure trove. It boasts not just one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Bellinzona castles and Monte San Giorgio. Whether you visit in summer for a refreshing lake dive or in winter for an exhilarating ski trip, Ticino offers year-round exploration and adventure.


For cheese connoisseurs, the name Gruyère holds a special place. Take a journey to the town in southwest Switzerland that shares its name. Immerse yourself in the cherished cheese-making heritage and meander through its captivating streets, all set against picturesque countryside. Experience the authentic charm and relish in the legacy of Gruyère, a haven for cheese enthusiasts and lovers of idyllic settings alike. Explore its historic sites and savor the true essence of Swiss culture.