Fitness Influencers Stress Mental Health As Much As Physical Health

Fitness influencers constantly share their fitness routines and physiques online and are subject to hateful remarks. Where does mental health fit when social networks like Instagram and TikTok focus on images with toxic comparisons and negative feedback?

Fitness influencers are especially susceptible to body-focused comments on social media. At this year’s American Influencer Awards, Emily Robinson is nominated for emerging fitness influencer of the year. She shares gym tips on her Instagram

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It’s especially true for female fitness influencers. Men and women have commented, ‘she doesn’t even have muscle definition.’ ‘What makes her so special?’ or ‘Wow, she must be on steroids!’ She warns that comments like this can negatively affect your mental health.

Mental Health Is Of Utmost Importance

  • Some influencers claim the more significant the following, the more negative comments are received.
  • Some influencers deal with online negativity by practicing good mental health habits, such as meditation, journaling, and gratitude.
  • It is impossible to neglect your mental health if you have a physical illness.

Navigating Online Hatred For Influencers

There is more pressure than ever to appear perfect in a world of filters, photoshop, glam teams, cosmetic procedures, etc. PlushCare’s Melissa Dowd explains social media can be a great way to connect with friends, family, and your community, but it can also be dangerous. Social media can leave users vulnerable to judgments and negative comments, especially if they have a large following.

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Focus On The Positive, Delete The Negative

She also practices daily mental health practices, including positive self-talk, to maintain a positive mental state. Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that you are excellent when you receive a lot of negative comments or feedback. Reading positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror is as stupid as it sounds. It is also possible to do them in your head internally,” When it gets too much, Robinson doesn’t hesitate to take a break or delete.