Experts Explain The Shortage And Provide Alternatives To Leafy Greens

The lettuce price has risen dramatically recently, and you’re not alone. Nick Cutsumpas, an urban farmer and plant coach, said food prices typically fluctuate throughout the seasons or without inflation. Still, this specific surge in price is a reflection of the fragility of our food system.”

The West Coast crops aren’t just causing an effect but a result of a chain reaction. In addition to inflation and climate-related circumstances, Cutsumpas tells Yahoo Life that “a virus spreads through fields of leafy greens starting in the fall of 2022.”

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Leafy greens seem to be suffering from their pandemic, with devastating results. ” Due to impatiens necrotic spot virus, or INSV, carried by the thrips insect, California farmers lost as much as 80% of their lettuce crops, Cutsumpas reports. Such devastating losses led to skyrocketing prices for an already limited supply.

Is The Lettuce Shortage Affecting Anyone?

Restaurant owners face the same challenges as the rest of us but on a bigger scale. The cost of lettuce for their dishes can become prohibitive, forcing them to alter restaurant menus. A salad might cost more, or lettuce might be removed from a sandwich at your favorite lunch spot. Everyone is affected, including restaurants and home cooks.

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Getting The Most Out Of Lettuce

Even as a solo home cook who lives alone and cooks exclusively for me, I find buying in bulk helpful. The price of my usual three-pack of romaine hearts at my local grocery store was out of my range, so I bought a six-pack at Costco instead. Costco’s six-count package of romaine hearts costs roughly $5.24, depending on where you live. To eat so much lettuce, you’ll need to plan or have the willpower. Nevertheless, bulk shopping can save you money.

Alternatives To Lettuce

  • Leafy greens
  • Other vegetables
  • Grains