Don’t Take Holidays Comments About Your Weight Or Body Personally

Holidays are a time for celebration and connection with loved ones, but they are also challenging for those struggling with food and self-esteem, especially those already working. Weight gain around the holidays often causes anxiety, which inevitably comes up in conversation. The result is diet culture talk, which refers to comments about weight, body, or eating habits.

Caitlin Mudd, RD, LDN, a disordered eating specialist, said, “I find that comments like these, even if they aren’t directed toward my clients. Create more anxiety about food or body image for clients, making them feel like they can’t eat, sit, or enjoy the holidays the same way they would if the comment hadn’t been made.”

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It has become customary to talk about food choices and body image, whether about yourself or someone else. Therefore, diet culture talk needs to be regulated. By protecting your mental health, you don’t engage in this type of conversation. Talking about diet culture is an excellent opportunity to teach healthy food and body image relationships despite being uncomfortable.

Keeping Healthy Boundaries In Diet Culture

Mudd uses the acronym ICE to set healthy boundaries. ICE stands for Ignore, Change the Subject, and Educate. She says the comments being made are more about the speaker’s relationship with food than yours.

Changing the subject may seem complicated, but you can do it subtly. For example, if someone said, “We are eating so many sweets today.”. Enjoying a few sweets over the holidays is okay, but let’s talk about something else.

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After All This Food, Are You Hitting The Gym?

Eating reasonable amounts of food eliminates the need for exercise. Exercise after a big meal is unnecessary, and responding in this way will demonstrate your confidence in your choices and the amount of food you consume. Holidays are an excellent time to connect with loved ones, but it’s also an ideal time to practice self-care. Taking yourself out of the conversation by simply walking away can also be powerful if you don’t feel like changing the subject or setting boundaries.