Health Hacks

40 Health Bio-Hacking Tricks, Supplements & Shortcuts To Turbostart Your 2024

In the bustling rhythm of modern life, finding time for health and wellness can sometimes feel like solving a complex puzzle. But what if the key to unlocking a healthier, more vibrant you were hidden in plain sight?

Welcome to the world of bio-hacking, or health hacks – simple, ingenious tweaks designed to supercharge your well-being without overhauling your entire life. From the power of a morning stretch to the surprising benefits of a lemon, to incredible supplements and inexpensive health gadgets you’ve never seen before, these tips are about to transform your approach to health, one small step at a time.

This extensive compilation health-conscious tips, and bio-hacking trends has been meticulously crafted by Livestly editors. Our team of experts has carefully selected top-notch bio-hacking tips, tricks, gadgets, and shortcuts that can turbocharge the start to a healthy 2024!

Boost Your Brain and Body With This 1 Simple Thing

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This one may seem like a no-brainer, but in the wonderful world of fitness, something magical happens when you start working out or simply getting your steps in. It’s like a superhero feeling — a natural high — both for your body and your brain!

What is really happening is the release into your body of endorphins, endocannabinoids, and dopamine. Exercise also promotes neuroplasticity and increases oxygen supply to your brain.  Working out is not just about getting fit and looking fabulous — it’s also taking care of your brain, helping you feel happier and enhances your mood, move better, sleep better,  think clearer and help avoid short and long term medical issues.

Now onto the good stuff.

Miracle Sheets – Literally The Cleanest Sheets Ever Invented

The rapidly expanding Miracle Brand company has developed bed linens that are self-cleaning and self-cooling. You hardly ever see their sheets on store shelves anymore because millions of Americans hurried to purchase them as soon as word spread about how effectively they perform.

Because they use thread that has been treated with silver to eradicate 99% of the bacteria typically present in cotton bedding, Miracle Sheets are the cleanest sheets available. The sheets are incredibly supple while utilizing silver’s capacity to disperse heat, thanks to a unique alloy. As a result, there is no sweat or bacterial growth, and the sheets are always comfortable and cool. Incredible!

Adopting this kind of bedding by luxury hotels and Airbnbs may be the best-kept secret, but it’s already going viral online.

Marshmallow For Sore Throat

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You wake up to find you are suffering from a sore throat.  It is raw, scratchy, and just plain ol sore.  What do you do?  You could use a lozenge, or cough syrup to help get past it.  Or you could try another method.  What would that method be?  Well, you simply bust out a big ol bag of marshmallows.  Yep, you heard me right—marshmallows.  Sap from marshmallow plants has been used for centuries in the treatment of coughs, cold and yes, sore throats.

According to health officials, the marshmallow coating which consists of gelatin is what aids in soothing and relieving a sore throat.  Who knew, that everyone’s favorite s’more ingredient did double duty to soothe your throat as well.

KetoVex Gummies -The Easiest Way To Melt Belly Fat

Nothing is more frustrating than eating healthy and exercising and you still can’t lose weight. Or maybe you’ve been a victim of the “quarantine diet” and gained some unwanted belly fat. The only option used to be just living with this stubborn fat, embarrassed and frustrated.

However, there is this “trick” to burn fat going viral that doctors and celebrities are raving about. This is something new that doesn’t require dieting, exercising, or changing your lifestyle. We can confirm the hype behind KetoVex Gummies is real. If you’re someone who wants to lose weight, have more energy, or simply want to feel better about themselves, this needs your full attention.

When you take KetoVex Gummies, it turns on a switch in your body that tells it to burn fat for energy instead of carbs. This means you burn fat without having to even lift a finger. The proof is in the thousands of people giving it 5-star reviews who have lost weight with it.

After talking with the founders of KetoVex Gummies, they agreed to offer a special free bottle promotion for our loyal readers. The one catch is this offer will only be available or a short time longer by clicking here The promo code will be automatically activated through this link!

Baking Soda Reduces Bean Bloating

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If you love eating beans but hate the uncomfortable bloating that comes with them, baking soda might be the solution you’re looking for. Beans contain oligosaccharides, a sugar that our bodies struggle to digest, causing gas. A study conducted in 1986 discovered that adding a small amount of baking soda to the water used to soak dried beans can reduce this sugar content and alleviate the gas-inducing effects of eating beans.

However, it’s essential not to use too much baking soda, as it can affect the texture and taste of the beans. So next time you prepare your beans, try this baking soda hack to enjoy all the benefits without the unpleasant after-effects.

Belly Orb Patches – Put On Your Belly, Watch What Happens

Do you feel tired or sluggish? Are you having trouble losing weight even when you diet? Did you know your body might be full of harmful toxins? 

Belly Orb Patches is the world’s first herbal diet supplement absorbed through your skin. I. Based on thousands of years of Eastern medicine, and unlike oral supplements, this product takes a shortcut to your body absorbing it. This means getting the full benefit of every natural ingredient without any discomfort. Belly Orb is made of 18 natural herbs and herb extracts (NO CHEMICALS AT ALL!).

All you need to do is put the patch on your body. No remembering to chew or swallow a pill every day. Your body starts to absorb the powerful nutrients leading to improved metabolism, lowered cravings and inches off of your waist. 

This groundbreaking company is based in NYC, and not only prides itself on how well the product works, but its customer success support is world-class (which is rare these days). The only catch is you have to buy it direct from their website as this helps them cut down the price by having no middle men.

Lemon Water For A Kick Start

Image: Medical News Today

Before you reach for your morning coffee, and for a refreshing kick start to your morning, have a glass of water with added fresh squeezed lemon.  You could also go the lemon oil route, but make sure that the oil you use is 100% edible grade oil, and not synthetic in nature.  Lemon water has a multitude of benefits, but the main ones in the headlines these days are the properties it contains that serve to flush the toxins from your body and help your digestive system to stay on par.

In return, you will have more energy, will be able to fight off inflammation effectively, and provides your body with a much needed all-natural health boost.  Lemon juice is sold in the juice aisle of all major grocery stores.

zQuiet – Stops Your Snoring Immediately

Tired of snoring or the complaints it brings from your partner? This FDA-cleared Class Two medical device — an anti-snoring mouthpiece — might just be the solution.

Often, snoring is a sign of significant sleep disruption. You might be experiencing adverse effects like fatigue and stress without even recognizing their connection to your snoring.

zQuiet offers a simple solution to address both issues simultaneously. By gently shifting your jaw forward, it can deliver noticeable results in just one night. Experience the ease of waking up refreshed, alongside a content partner!  And the best part, this “over the counter” anti-snoring technology is 90% less expensive then anything your doctor or pharmacy could offer.

Work Up A Sweat Before Going In The Shower

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There are just days that, no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to find the time needed to work in the proper workout routine.  This is where a pre-shower sweating session can be just as beneficial as a workout.  Make it a goal to schedule a “mini” workout each day, performing lunges, squats, and push-ups right before you get ready to shower.

Not only will you have achieved your much needed “pre-sweat” but you will have the side benefit of having worked on toning your muscles as well.  Add in the fact that you will feel refreshed and energized, you can start your day on a more upbeat note.

INSTA-TOX – The Top Cream For Crepey Skin & Age Spots

Life goes by too fast. Before you know it, you hit 30 and your once young-looking skin starts showing its age. You wake up one day and wrinkles starting popping up, crows feet appear, and your skin just looks “old”. It doesn’t help the times we are living in are full of stress as this actually makes your wrinkles worse and skin age faster. In the past, it was one of those things you had to just live with unless you were rich enough to pay for expensive plastic surgery.

This is no longer the case thanks to a new trick generating a ton of buzz all over the country. Doctors, celebrities, and moms are all calling this the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging they’ve ever seen. INSTA-TOX’s skin-smoothing and wrinkle erasing technique is simple and its effectiveness is amazing.

Having already helped over 55,000 women reverse the looking of their aging skin with endless 5-star reviews, INSTA-TOX lives up to the hype they’ve been receiving. And they are even running a special promotion where you can get a trial to check it out. The only catch is you have to do it soon by clicking here as they are ending their free sample program any day now.

Drink Water. Tons of Water.

Let’s all admit it, some days it is a significant struggle to get in all the glasses of water that we need to drink.  I, personally, seem to lose track and get frustrated more often than not at the process.  However, there is a very clever method to help you keep track of your H2O intake throughout the day. Just take a clear water bottle, and with a permanent marker divide the bottle into 200ml/1cup sections.

Then, next to each section, put the time of day to drink that portion—such as 8 am, 10 am, etc.  By having the servings marked on the bottle, you will know how much you have drunk throughout the day, making that task of getting you eight cups of water in each day not so daunting.

Derma Clinic – It Actually Makes You Look Younger

Your skin is like a superhero cape for your body, but it’s also the part that faces a lot of challenges. When you’re young, your skin is like a bouncy castle – soft, smooth, and fun. But as you grow older, it can start to look more like a wrinkled shirt. This happens because our skin gets tired from fighting battles against things like the sun, wind, and not having enough water.

As we get older, our skin loses its stretchiness because it doesn’t have as much of a stretchy ingredient called collagen. Collagen is like the magic glue that keeps your skin tight and bouncy. But when we don’t have enough, our skin can sag and get lines.

But don’t worry! You can be the hero your skin needs by picking a great sidekick, and Derma Clinic Solutions Skin Serum is here to save the day! It’s like a shield that helps your skin fight off the bad guys so you can keep your skin looking as awesome as a superhero’s cape. Give it a try and help your skin win the battle against wrinkles and sagging!

Sleeping With Socks On

Among the great rivalries of all time: Coke versus Pepsi, McDonalds versus Burger King, Red Sox versus Yankees … and sock-sleepers versus barefoot-sleepers.   Turns out, sleeping with your socks on is a net positive for overall quality of sleep and aids in falling asleep faster.  Socks help your feet warm up quicker, which in turn dilates the blood vessels in your feet, which in many studies correlates to a signal being to sent to your brain that it’s time to switch off, and doze off to sleep.

A couple recent sleep studies have shown sock-sleepers to fall asleep up to 40% faster then barefoot-sleepers.  Now, if only Burger King could make fries that taste as good as McDonalds.

Audien Atom – The Hearing Aid Doctors Don’t Want You To Know About

Here’s another medical device “hack” idea: you, a friend, or family member is being told they need to buy a hearing aid of some sort, likely with a price tag over $5,000 with no idea if insurance will pay for any of it.  Tech companies have caught onto this market, and one in particular, Audien, has been on a mission to deliver the same hearing aid technology for under $100.

Audien’s Atom, a prescription-free, patent-pending device, is breaking barriers by offering unbeatable affordability.  But here’s the real game-changer: Atom isn’t just about being small; it’s also about being smart. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and shedding unnecessary “bells and whistles,” Atom emerges as the most compact and comfortable hearing device on the market. No more bulky, uncomfortable, and overpriced alternatives – Audien’s Atom has streamlined perfection!

No more doctor fees, insurance claims, office visits, sales reps, or middlemen – it’s as simple as buying a new pair of Apple Airpods.

Baking Soda For Produce

Image: Little House in the Suburbs

For years, baking soda is touted as one of the most versatile must-have items for your kitchen.  Considered a staple that can be used for just about any cleaning task—from bi-carbonate to cleaner.  By just adding a couple of teaspoons to 1-2 cups of water, you will have yourself an all natural produce scrub.  Combine the mixture in a large mixing bowl, or add the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well.  Once mixed, you will have the perfect all-natural solution for ridding your produce of pesticides, dirt, and unwanted yuck from every nook and cranny.  Once cleaned, make sure to rinse your produce thoroughly and enjoy.

PainGone Plus – Pain Relief At Home Without Meds

Preben Nødskov from Denmark created the Paingone Plus to help his wife, Aase, who had a lot of pain and didn’t want to use expensive and toxic medicine. When Preben visited a medical show in the USA, he saw a special way to ease pain using electricity (called TENS) in big machines at hospitals. He thought, “Why not make something small and easy to use at home?”

Preben worked hard, studied a lot, and tested his ideas. Finally, he made the Paingone Plus! Now, over 2 million people use Paingone to quickly and safely reduce their pain at home.

Ready to feel better without medicine? Get your own Paingone Plus today and join millions who are already living with less pain!

Toilet Paper Is A Thing Of The Past, This Is A Better Way To Get Clean

Every year, a whole bunch of trees get chopped down just for toilet paper! But guess what? There’s a cool invention called Blaux Bidet, and it’s here to save the day and make cleaning up super easy and eco-friendly!

Meet Blaux Bidet! It’s like a magical water spray that cleans your bottom without using any toilet paper. You can choose if you want the water spray to be gentle or strong, just the way you like it!

Dryer Sheets Make Helpful Dusters

There are chances that a lot of dust enters your house every day, and we might be able to find a solution for this. Dust does not just penetrate your home through a window or open door but also the ac and heating units. So, it is better to use dryer sheets as their static absorbent capacity makes them ideal for removing dust from appliances, blinds, and everything in between. The same static absorption qualities that make them excellent dust extractors make them perfect for picking up powdered dust. You need to place a dryer sheet on the surface, which attracts a lot of unwanted dust particles. Dryer sheets can also prevent dust on baseboard and hardwood flooring.

Chill Pill – The Handheld Device That Helps You Fall Asleep In Minutes

If you regularly take sleeping pills or melatonin, you presumably already know that they are not a wise long-term solution. They are short-term band-aids, and frequently don’t even enhance your sleep quality. The Chill Pill fixes that. It’s a brand-new handheld device that you use to fall asleep while holding in your hand. It sends gentle electronic pulses to help you fall asleep quickly and deeply by calming your brain. Chill Pill might be the invention you’ve been looking for if you have trouble falling asleep easily at night (or wake up frequently)!

  • Chill Pill delivers short bursts of low-intensity electric currents to aid in rapid and persistent slumber.
  • Science-based and extensively examined to be safe
  • Simple to use – just hold on to the object as you nod off!
  • Further lessens tension and panic attacks.
  • Helps your brain’s neurochemicals find balance, gradually enhancing your sleep quality.

Sleep With A Bar Of Soap Under Your Sheets

Guess what? Some people say that sleeping with a bar of soap under your sheets can stop your leg cramps at night. Sounds weird, right? But it’s true! This idea got so popular that it was even talked about on a TV show called “The Doctors.” They asked their viewers, and 40% of them said sleeping with soap really helped their leg cramps or made their restless legs feel better.

Some folks think that the soap sends tiny particles, called ions, into your body, and these ions make their way to your nerves and calm your cramps. No doctors have done a big study on this yet, but if your legs bother you at night, why not try it? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Hale Breathing – Stop Snoring In One Night!

Want to stop snoring but don’t want to spend a fortune on surgery? Hale is here, so your prayers have been heard!

Hale is a cutting-edge new nasal breathing aid that immediately assists you in breathing through your nose the moment you put it on. Simply insert it inside your nose to rapidly widen your nasal passageways, enabling you to finally inhale deeply and fully. Proper nasal breathing not only has the power to stop snoring overnight, but it also has a variety of positive effects on your general health and happiness.

And it’s a great time to try it – because Hale is now offering a limited-time special deal for first-time customers.

Created by a Johns Hopkins Doctor – As seen on Forbes, Tech Crunch, ABC & more!

Pocket in Women’s Underwear

Why do women have secret pockets sewn right into their underwear? Well, just because you can fit tampons and other small items into them doesn’t make them secret pockets. They are actually called a panty gusset, it’s simply extra fabric sewn in that most manufacturers don’t bother to stitch it closed. To be fair, it’s actually more comfortable without the extra seems. It also gives women that little pouch to use however they please.

Sleep Connection – Never Be A Victim Of Snoring Again

Are you sick of disturbing your lover with your loud snoring in the middle of the night? Would you be interested in learning how to stop snoring naturally? New anti-snoring product, an adjustable strap that you can wear on your wrist like a watch wrest watch style high quality, it will not interfere with your breathing or sleeping, and it is so light that you will forget it is on your wrist. The wristband is made of a tough material that is both safe and breathable.

Thanks to the people at Sleep Connection, an anti-snore wristband that uses clever technology to monitor for any hint of snoring has been created. If it does, it produces sensory input that completely silences the snoring. Get your very own Sleep Connection Anti-Snore Wristband today to improve sleep quality for you and your partner!

Stretch It Out

Images: Kintec

Many individuals are unaware of the benefits of taking a mid-day stretch breaks can offer your body.  By stretching the bodies muscles mid-way through the day, you can receive a boost of energy.  The gesture has also shown to improve focus and concentration and significantly boost your mood.  All that is required is to set aside as little as 5 minutes a day, preferably between long stretches of work, to flex and stretch your muscles.

The stretching can quickly be done at your work desk, with not only allowing you to benefit from the above-mentioned improvements but also gives an added boost to your overall circulation which works toward better physical health.

Pluxy – Pain-Free Hair Removal

Pluxy is a game-changer for hair removal! It gently pulls hair out right from the root, which means the hair grows back finer and takes longer to reappear. Imagine that! It’s quicker than tweezing strand by strand, way less ouchy than getting waxed, and it doesn’t make your skin all red and upset like shaving can. 

Pluxy is super friendly for all the ladies out there, especially if you’re dealing with PCOS, have super sensitive skin, or find it tough to see up close. It’s like having a personal, gentle hair removal buddy, making sure you feel smooth and comfortable!

Ever since going viral on social media for how well it works, there have been many knockoffs circulating. To make sure you don’t get tricked into buying a fake, click here to get it from their website directly.

Dodow – Best Night Sleep You’ll Ever Have

It’s become more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. There is now a remedy whether you’ve ever had difficulties falling asleep or just need assistance to relax and unwind at night. – Dodow™

Instead of risking taking pricey prescription sedatives or over-the-counter sleep aids, use this all-natural device to aid in falling asleep quickly.

Dodow is a metronome light that has been carefully created to soothe you into a restful sleep and block out distracting thoughts.

Dodow, which combines yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy, is a secure method for ANYONE to fall asleep easily…AND remain asleep. Dodow, which was created by insomniacs, retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own and has NO adverse effects. It doesn’t only help you fall asleep once.

Stinky Sneakers No More

Image: Keeper of the House Adventures

The plague of smelly sneakers have been around since, well, the invention of sneakers I guess.  The odor is one that can not be mistaken, and once it is in the lining of the sneaker seems to be the most daunting problem to rid oneself of.  Not only is it a nuisance, in particular, social situations it can be an embarrassment as well.  However, there is a way to get that persistent funk out, but it requires a four-step process to work.  First, wash the sneakers and allow them to air dry.  Once that is done, sprinkle them with deodorizing power, preferably a homemade version.  Next, stuff them with newspaper and allow them to set overnight.  Finally, place them into your deep freezer.

ActiveSkin – The Future Of Skin Healing Is Here

Justin Gardner, is a nature lover who knows all too much about scrapes and cuts from being outdoors. He got tired of using so many different sprays and creams to fix his skin problems. Then he discovered something special called HOCl. Justin tried it on himself, and guess what? It worked super quickly on all kinds of skin troubles!

Justin saw how awesome this was and decided to share it with everyone. He brought together a group of smart business people, doctors, sports lovers, and moms and dads.

Together, they made a product that everyone can use. It’s called Active Skin Repair. Want to take care of your skin the easy way? Try Active Skin Repair today!

Alpha Brain – A Shortcut To Better Memory

Ever have those days when your thoughts feel foggy or you can’t seem to remember the little things? Alpha Brain is crafted to help sweep that fog away, making your mind as sharp as a tack.

Created by the brainiacs at Onnit, Alpha Brain is packed with natural ingredients known to support memory, concentration, and overall brain health. Whether you’re a student cramming for exams, an athlete aiming for peak performance, or a super-busy parent juggling a million things, Alpha Brain is designed just for you.

But it’s not just about what’s inside. What’s not in Alpha Brain is just as important. You won’t find any artificial stimulants or additives here. Just pure, brain-boosting goodness.

So why wait? Give your brain the love it deserves. Try Alpha Brain by Onnit today and feel the difference in your mental clarity and focus.

Place A Bag Weighed Down With Coins Over Your Drains

Whether you’re at a hotel, or you’re own home this next trick be a huge help. We’ve all been there, we have a shirt we want to wear, but there’s a small stain. Instead of doing a whole wash (or pay a hotel to do it), you can easily wash it in your sink or tub.

Place a bag weighed down with a few coins or other small objects over the drain. Why do this? Simple. This little trick helps stop any water from leaking down the drain so your clothing item stays fully submerged and gets clean quicker while you’re doing a quick wash.

Blissy – Sleep On Silk For Better Sleep, Skin, And Hair

Nothing compares to the cool side of your pillow. The issue is that you keep turning your pillow throughout the night in search of that wonderful feeling on your cheek. In the meantime, the friction from your pillow is causing serious damage to your skin and hair.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has cooling effects, is better for hair and skin, and reduces allergies. Supermodels, hair stylists, dermatologists, and beauty experts all vouch for the benefits of silk, and their best-kept beauty secret is the Blissy pillowcase. Blissy is silky and dreamily soft because it is made of 22 Momme Mulberry silk, one of the best silks money can buy.

  • No more hair damage since silk has 43% less friction than cotton and other textiles, allowing your hair to glide over the surface without being damaged.
  • Additionally, silk doesn’t dehydrate your hair as cotton does. It gives you shinier, healthier hair.
  • It benefits your skin because Blissy silk prevents “pillow face” and doesn’t rob it of moisture.
  • It is naturally hypoallergenic, so you won’t experience itchy, watery eyes or sinus congestion when you wake up.

Brass Doorknobs

Okay, so no one is expecting you to pay too much attention to door handles, but perhaps you’ve noticed that all doorknobs are made of brass. This is no accident. Surfaces made of brass are more resistant to bacteria building up, helping to make doorknobs free of germs. Obviously, this is important since people will pick up germs on their hands in countless different ways and then touch doorknobs that are then touched by countless other people. But because we use brass doorknobs, germs don’t have a free for all.

The Ease Of Insect Bites

Canva. com

Bug bites can be uncomfortable and itchy; forgetting to use bug spray can leave you with unsightly marks. But relief is a few simple steps away if you have some baking soda. Mix baking soda and water to create a paste, and apply it to the affected area as a salve to speed up healing. This home remedy is perfect for those who are often bitten by mosquitoes and want to treat the bites quickly. Best of all, it requires minimal effort to create the solution.

The Wand – Finally Enjoy Wine Without Any Hangover

This wine purifier is for you if you frequently have side effects from wine, such as headaches, congestion, facial flushes, upset stomachs, or hangovers.

The Wand removes approximately 95% of the histamines and sulfites from the wine and retains them sealed inside purification beads to prevent leakage back into the beverage.

Simply take the packaging off, set The Wand in your glass, and keep it there while you sip your preferred wine. There you go.

  • Works with any type of wine.
  • Tested & Proven.
  • It cleans the wine without removing antioxidants, so The Wand keeps the “good stuff” in your glass while removing the bad stuff.

Your preferred wines are once again ready for you.

KailoFlex – A Nanotech Pain Relief Patch That Turns Off Pain Signals Quickly

For those who experience discomfort, the Kailo pain-relief patch is an innovative new invention. In just 60 seconds, this nanotech pain-relieving patch can literally make you feel no pain. The patch contains billions of nanocapacitors that help your body naturally relieve pain by preventing the perception of it.

Even if you have chronic discomfort, wearing your Kailo all day, every day, won’t have a negative impact on you. Anywhere on your body that hurts—your knee, hand, foot, neck, or anywhere else—this pain-relief patch will help.

The Kailo patch is made entirely of materials that are found in nature and do not use any pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or treatments. It includes waterproof reusable adhesives that can hold for up to a week.

Brush Your Teeth And Freshen Your Breath

If you’re looking for a quick fix for bad breath, add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and swish it in your mouth before spitting it out. It is a simple and natural solution to freshen up your breath. Baking soda can also be used as a natural toothpaste, although it’s important to note that some experts recommend using it only occasionally due to its abrasive properties. Adding baking soda to your homemade toothpaste every few weeks can give your teeth a nice, clean, polished look.

Aculief – Woman Shocks The Internet By Curing Her Migraine With A 1,000-Year-Old Trick

Aculief is dedicated to providing effective, drug-free headache and migraine relief.

The innovative and highly regarded acupressure device Aculief offers rapid drug-free headache and migraine relief.

It functions by exerting pressure on the LI4 pressure point, which has been utilized for thousands of years to relieve tension and headaches and is situated on your hand between the thumb and forefinger.

Doctors recommend it for efficient self-treatment. The mission of Aculief is to create Wearable Acupressure, an accessible and cheap alternative that can be utilized anytime, anywhere as an efficient all-natural remedy.

Make Your Feet Softer

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Show your feet some love with this simple and effective trick. Our feet are subjected to a lot of wear and tear daily, from standing to walking, working, exercising, and spending time with loved ones. It’s no surprise that they get tired and sore. However, you can give your feet extra care and attention by soaking them in three tablespoons of baking soda and a small tub of warm water. It will help to soothe and soften your feet, providing a relaxing and refreshing experience after a long day at work or a hectic day with the kids.

My Happy Feet – Retiree Invents Miracle Socks That Relieve Foot Pain!

My Happy Feet Socks gradually realign your toes to reduce the negative consequences of regular foot stress, providing rapid relief from all types of foot discomfort. These socks, which customers refer to as their “miracle socks,” are made to enhance circulation, lessen swelling, and lessen foot pain over time.

My Happy Feet Socks are a proprietary design consisting of plush cotton, polyester, and elastane that softly spreads your toes apart to increase strength and dexterity. Additionally, because the foot is a part of the leg, they are good for your neck as well as your knees, hips, and back.

Circa Knee – Breakthrough Knee Sleeve Design Makes Knee Pain Vanish

These revolutionary compression knee sleeves couldn’t have come at a better time, given that over 100 million individuals have chronic knee discomfort each year and that treatment expenses are steadily growing.

There are several reasons why people with knee pain are frustrated, including expensive doctor visits, dangerous drugs, and invasive and risky operations. At every turn, you spend more and more money, only to come up empty-handed.

The way people with knee pain manage their osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and other knee conditions is completely changing thanks to Circa Knee, a new unique and patented compression knee sleeve technology created by Caresole, a startup firm based in the US. They are already being used by thousands of individuals worldwide.

Eat More Probiotics

While eating pre-biotic foods in the form of vegetables and fruits is important, it is also crucial that you consume probiotics to increase the number of healthy gut bacteria in your stomach. Several studies show that having a high amount of good gut bacteria can help improve the immune system by suppressing the inflammation in the stomach. People who consume probiotics have fewer risks of developing gastrointestinal infections. Consumption of probiotics is also shown to reduce the respiratory infection among adults and children. Make sure that you consume probiotics regularly in the form of yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir to name a few.

Derila – The #1 Way to Reduce Neck & Back Pain While Sleeping

A restful night’s sleep enables the body to heal and enables you to wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with sleep and don’t get the required rest. A pillow that doesn’t properly support your chosen sleeping posture will cause you to toss and turn at night.

However, the 7,000-year-old pillow design that most people still use has been updated to encourage deep, rejuvenating sleep.

The Derila Pillow expands airways, enhances breathing, and lowers snoring by giving your head the appropriate support. In order to keep the temperature from increasing above what is comfortable, the memory foam cushion also features a cooling layer.

Get Enough Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight early in the morning can trigger the production of Vitamin D on the skin. People who get at least a 15-minute exposure (without using sunscreen) is enough to encourage the body to synthesize Vitamin D. Studies show that getting at least 1200IU a day can reduce the risk of getting influenza and certain types of cancer. If you live in the tropics, getting enough sunlight should not be a problem but if you live in the temperate regions where sunlight can be feeble during the winter months, intake of supplemental Vitamin D will get you your required daily dose.

Yoga Vs. Headache

Image: YogaHub

When dealing with any headache minutes can seem pretty much like hours.  However, when the headache is tension related, there is a feeling of no end.  When one such headache arises, yoga may be the best answer.  Through the use of various inversions poses, you may receive relief from your headache.  An inversion pose puts the head below the level of the heart and includes such well-known versions as the downward facing dog, child’s pose, and the legs up the wall pose.  Not only do these poses aid in stretching out the neck and shoulder muscles, in turn, relieving tension, but they also help significantly in improving overall circulation.  Improved circulation will speed up the passing of the headache as a result.

Laundry Masher – Genius Device Will Replace Your Laundry Detergent

The experience of holding a basket of clean, warm clothes is quite comforting. Laundry Masher delivers the desired results without the waste, mess, or cost of traditional store-bought detergents. Numerous specifically created ceramic beads with a nano-silver infusion that have been tested to be antibacterial and eliminate bacteria and odors with each cycle are included in Laundry Masher. It is reusable and lasts for about 200 uses before needing to be replaced.

Everyone is safe using a Laundry Masher. You will save an incredible amount of money by no longer utilizing department store brand detergent. There is no longer a need to employ dangerous chemicals that cause skin burns and serious allergic responses and leak into the environment or your septic tank.

AquaPure – Enjoy Safer, Better-Tasting Fruit and Vegetables

Your fruits and veggies can be instantly and easily cleaned of harmful pesticide residues, germs, and mold using AquaPure.

Pesticides are added to food in more than a thousand different countries. Pesticides can potentially be hazardous to people, impair the immune system and nervous system, and even cause cancer and reproductive issues.

You’ll be surprised to learn how unclean your fruits and vegetables really are. Surprised even more by how much better they taste. AquaPure naturally removes toxins from your food in minutes, leaving you with only delicious, chemical-free fruits and vegetables. The AquaPure eliminates impurities from your food using natural components, significantly lowering the number of hazardous chemicals you eat.

Bad Egg—No Problem

Image: The Perc – Pact Coffee

From time to time we will find ourselves reaching into the fridge, and pulling out a carton of eggs.  At that moment it will dawn on us that we can’t remember just how long ago those very eggs were bought.  No problem—just water test them.  Drop the egg into a bowl of water, and you can judge by how it reacts to know how fresh it is.  Really fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, laying on their sides. Slightly older eggs with sink at a tilted somewhat, almost upright position.  Old or out of date eggs will float on top of the water indicating that they are past their prime date–throw those ones out immediately.

Trigger Point Rocker – Feel Good & Build Muscle

To encourage optimal spinal health, resort to the Trigger Point Rocker. The doctor’s patent-pending invention combines his scientific knowledge of the myofascial trigger spots on our bodies with his practical therapeutic expertise with thousands of screaming backs.

That “ahh moment” of spinal alignment is coming to your home after years of research, numerous prototypes, and honest input from beta testers (no chiropractor required).

Back, neck, and shoulder pain/tension are promptly relieved by the Trigger Point Rocker. Its orthopedic construction enhances posture while calming and de-stressing muscles to strengthen and maintain the health of your spine.

Tvidler – The Amazing, Pain-Free Way To Eliminate Ear Wax

Do not clean your ears with cotton buds! Since it was created more than a century ago, cotton swabs have solely been used to clean the outer ear.

But now, due to the Tvidler, you can quickly and safely give yourself a thorough cleaning at home.

Any difficult-to-reach inner ear wax can be removed safely with the aid of its soft silicon “corkscrew” tips. The distinctive “corkscrew” design is ideal for easily removing the wax without putting you through any agony. Actually, it’s even simpler than cleaning your teeth—that it’s simple!

Enjoy a quick, painless, professional clean. No need to pay for an expensive professional cleaning when you can keep your ears clean and hygienic in the privacy of your own bathroom!

Use Bread Soaked In Vinegar As A Deodorizer

We have all dealt with this problem before, you go to throw out some garbage and as soon as you lift the lid you are hit with a wall of terrible smells. Disgusting! Then you try and clean it with sprays you can buy from the supermarket, but those don’t really help. Now your garbage will smell like chemicals and rotting food. Luckily, there’s a better solution and you likely have the items in your house already. All you need to do is take a piece of bread (stale one is even better) and soak it in some plain old distilled vinegar. Throw it in the bottom of any garbage can overnight, then in the morning toss it away. All the nasty smells will be gone!

AirPhysio™: Strengthen Lungs and Airways Naturally (Great For Asthma And other Lung Issues)

The unique and highly regarded AirPhysio uses oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) to help you breathe better naturally.

AirPhysio can turn out to be your new best friend if you have a lung disease. In just a few days, this specifically created device will help you breathe easier by using a novel technique to loosen the phlegm in your chest. It is used to treat respiratory disorders such as COPD, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and asthma.

Even better, this is 100% safe, drug-free, and doesn’t need a prescription. The very same technology, which hospitals have long utilized, is now also available for personal use.

Working Out While Watching TV

Image: einshac

Although we may state that there are not enough hours in the day to get what we need doing, let alone find time to go to the gym, we always seem to find time to sit down and watch television.  So much so, that it is estimated that the average person watches three-plus hours of TV a night.  Given that most people aren’t going to be giving up their television viewing anytime soon, why not put that time to double use.  There is a multitude of videos on the internet that show you how to watch tv and get your work out in at the same time.  Like they say, waste not, want not.

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap – This New Wearable Device Can Provide All Natural Headache & Migraine Relief in Minutes

Traditional ice packs can injure sensitive skin and result in frostbite. TheraICE Rx cools down to the ideal temperature, allowing you to enjoy comfortable, quick relief without endangering your skin.

It is a hot and cold treatment hat that is still in the patent process and offers all sorts of headaches quick, natural relief.

The revolutionary integrated, flexible ice pack with 360-degree coverage is revolutionary.

It reduces pain in two ways: either by utilizing heat therapy to relax your muscles and ease tension, lulling you into a state of peace and relaxation, or by employing compression and cold therapy to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

 Homeowners Are Swapping Their Doorbell Cameras For This

Get ready for a genius way to keep your home safe even when you’re not there! Imagine having a super high-tech camera that fits right into your regular lightbulb socket. It’s like magic! This camera connects to your home’s WiFi, and guess what? You can see what’s happening from your phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android!

But wait, there’s more! This Light Bulb Camera is not only tiny and easy to use, but it also has all the awesome stuff you’d want in a camera for your home. It can see in the dark (just like a superhero), and the picture it takes is super clear. Plus, it can move around to look left, right, up, and down all by itself! It’s like having a robot helper.

And guess what else? It’s really smart! It can follow things that move, so if something sneaky is happening, it won’t miss a thing. And the best part? You can put a special memory card in it, so you don’t have to pay money every month to use it. It’s like having your very own home security superhero!

Dish Soap Used In The Toilet

With endless products claiming they can make your toilet look brand new, it can be hard to sift through them all and figure out which one to buy. Rather than spending money and time wasted, there’s something in your house already that you can use. And it’s not what you might think. Dish soap is the answer you’ve been looking for. And it couldn’t be any more simple to use. Take 1/4 cup of dish soap + 1/4 cup of baking soda + 1/4 cup of water.

Mix them together, then pour them into the toilet. Stir the solution, then let it sit overnight. The next morning, do a light scrub and your toilet will look brand new! You can also use dish soap to unclog a toilet without a plunger. Simply put 1 cup of soap into your toilet, let it sit for 30 mins. Then take hot water and pour it into the bowl. The clog will be gone.

Huusk – Slice Food in the Kitchen Like a Samurai for Effortless Meal Prep

Using a Huusk kitchen knife will make everyone who prepares food feel like a skilled chef. Huusk is more attractive and keeps its edge longer than conventional blades. It easily cuts and dices even the toughest foods.

Even if the only preparation you do in the kitchen involves cutting up fruits and vegetables, you’ll like how comfortable the stainless blade feels in your hands. Everything about this tool, from the sturdy oak handle to the distinctive blade curvature, is made to be as comfortable and cutting-effective as possible.

For the cleanest cuts, always use a Huusk in Japanese style.

StopWatt – Plug This In, Watch Your Electric Bill Drop Up To 90%

Guess what? Power companies are getting a little nervous because of a super cool gadget that can make your electricity bill way cheaper – by up to 90%! 

The gadget is called StopWatt, a revolutionary device using technology that traces back to the ingenious mind of none other than the legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla—a maestro in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and futurism.

This groundbreaking technology was initially kept under wraps, a hidden gem for average families seeking to trim down their monthly energy bills. StopWatt is a compact, affordable, and user-friendly plug-in unit designed to halt unnecessary power from flooding electrical cables, preventing network overload, and ultimately saving you money the power companies would otherwise be charging you for.

StopWatt is essentially the power company’s worst nightmare. The game-changing device, kept hush-hush and even banned in retail outlets, poses a significant threat to Big Energy’s profit margins.