Cartoon Nails Are The Latest Trend Sweeping Your Feed

The illusion of velvet nails is nothing compared to the narcissistic charm of cartoon nails. These designs have been straight out of a cartoon with an animated finish.

On TikTok, the #popartnails hashtag has been used more than 38 million times. View the first results, and you’ll be convinced you’re watching a cartoon. Here are the details on achieving the year-round look and its many variations.

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Cartoon Nails: What Are They?

Despite its one-dimensional finish, cartoon nails create an illusion of three dimensions. Gerstein explains, “It’s a fun take on pop art for the nails. It gives it a different dimension because it’s on a human hand. The cartoon pops off the hand.”

Cartoon Nail Products: What Do You Need?

To create the dimensions, you’ll need a striping brush, your choice of polish, and black and white nail polishes. Gerstein recommends LeChat shades for cartoon nail designs. She believes the outline and highlights are the key ingredients to cartoon nails. Experts say the style works equally well with gel or regular lacquer.

Cartoon Nails: How to Do Them

Despite their appearance, cartoon nails are pretty simple, requiring only a black outline and a few white accents. Here’s how to make cartoon nails at home.

  • Gerstein recommends using a brighter shade for the best effect, letting each coat dry between coats.
  • Apply black polish to the nails.
  • Make it more dimensional by adding exclamation points, dashes, or commas with white It’s the details that make an artwork stand out.
  • The best way to keep your matte top coat shiny is to use a glossy top coat before your matte top coat. Then apply a topcoat. A smooth matte finish will result from this step.