Big Brands Hidden behind Costco’s Kirkland Label

Starbucks Coffee

Kirkland Name: Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend
Kirkland Price Per Unit: $14.89*
Verdict: Confirmed

Starbucks, the coffee giant, extends its popularity through its cafes and take-home products, particularly its ground coffee. Costco offers a remarkable deal on Kirkland’s Espresso Blend, “Custom roasted by Starbucks,” a 2.5-pound bag priced at just $14.89. A comparable purchase directly from Starbucks would dent your wallet significantly more, making this a golden find for Costco shoppers. It caters to diverse tastes and is available in medium roast, dark roast, and decaf medium roast. Reviews vouch that it’s equally satisfying at a fraction of the cost. This partnership benefits Costco and Starbucks, leveraging the renowned Starbucks name while sharing the rewards of freshly brewed java.

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