Bathroom Blunders Experts Spot And How To Fix Them

Designing a bathroom is a thrilling opportunity for creativity. A well-designed bathroom becomes a tranquil haven for self-care, featuring freestanding copper baths, elegant tiles, intricate hardware, and beautiful vanities. However, it’s crucial to consider both aesthetics and functionality. Overlooking practicality can lead to daily frustrations. To avoid common mishaps, I consulted with experts in bathroom design for valuable insights. If hiring a professional isn’t feasible, remember these key points when planning your modern bathroom.

Overlooking Functionality

Designing your bathroom requires careful consideration to avoid costly mistakes. Alexandra Singer, THG Creative Director, and a bathroom design expert, emphasizes the importance of thinking through usability. This foundation guides your bath, sink, tiles, and accessories choices. Damla Turgut, Founder and Creative Director of Otto Tiles, underscores the need to anticipate practical concerns, preventing issues like ineffective layouts, hazardous surfaces, and unused features such as impractical bath taps.

Inadequate Storage

In bathrooms, ample storage is essential. Products tend to accumulate, so plan for sufficient space. Alexandra highlights common oversights like inadequate storage, insufficient rim space around basins and baths for products, and absence of a shower niche. If you overlooked this aspect in your design, consider adding shelves or extra cabinets to minimize clutter. Store overflow items elsewhere, and keep only immediate essentials in the bathroom for a tidy look.

Balancing Style And Timelessness

“Opt for a timeless, balanced style and color scheme in your bathroom. Trendy designs can quickly date your space. Focus on easily replaceable accessories for personal flair. Choose neutrals and classic palettes for enduring appeal, as recommended by Damla. Ensure a cohesive flow with your home’s architecture for a timeless design. Prioritize longevity and home harmony for smart design choices.”