Your Lawn’s Dried Leaves Can Make Beautiful Thanksgiving Wreaths

As autumn paints the world in hues of gold and crimson, our lawns become adorned with a unique treasure trove—dried leaves. Instead of raking them away and adding to landfill waste, consider harnessing their beauty to craft a stunning Thanksgiving wreath. This eco-friendly project not only celebrates nature’s bounty but also adds a touch of warmth and charm to your holiday decor.

Adorn With A Bow

At times, the most effective solution is the simplest. This minimalist wreath exemplifies this concept, consisting primarily of faux berry branches secured around a metal ring and adorned with a bow.

Devote Quality Time

Crafting a wreath is often a meticulous task, so if you aim to produce something exceptional, it’s best to begin early. We recommend gathering the necessary materials as soon as November arrives and envisioning the wreath that speaks to your imagination. Consider incorporating leaves, pinecones, and other autumn-themed elements that inspire you.

Exclude Fruit From The Mix

While this wreath features live elements, the apples are faux to avoid attracting unwanted Thanksgiving visitors. The genuine components include air-dried cinnamon, salal, and preserved fall leaves.

Turkey Craving Process

If you’ve got a collection of bandanas waiting for a purpose, look at Angie Holden’s Thanksgiving wreath tutorial. After knotting them around the metal frame, all that’s left is to craft the turkey’s face. It’s as easy as pie!

Give Thanks

We won’t claim it’s the grand finale, but this Thanksgiving wreath harmoniously blends all the quintessential elements of the day. Featuring exquisite (albeit artificial) gourds, berries, leaves, and grapevine, the satin bow and heartfelt message only enhance its allure.