You’ll Love These Companion Planting Ideas For Begonias Which Benefit Your Blooms

The beloved perennial begonia is a low-maintenance backyard gem, boasting an array of colorful blooms that brighten any space. Pairing them with specific flowers and shrubs enhances their visual appeal and promotes their thriving. Choose plants with similar growing conditions through companion planting to create a harmonious, modern garden. Here are a few begonia pairings for your backyard, but remember, if you experience harsh winters, consider bringing them indoors if they’re in containers due to begonias’ susceptibility to frost.

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Coleus is a favored backyard plant, thanks to its stunning year-round foliage. It’s easy to care for, flourishing in various light conditions and yields delicate blue or white flowers. According to Tony, it’s an excellent partner for begonias, as its lively leaves beautifully complement begonias’ vibrant blooms while sharing similar light preferences.

Persian Shields

Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love, suggests using Persian Shields as winter companions for begonias. These vibrant plants with purple/green leaves can add life and color to your garden or planters during the colder months. They’ve shown to be successful partners for winter-blooming begonias. Ensure they have ample water and proper drainage, mainly if you include them in container gardening.

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Ornamental Cabbage

Enhance your winter garden by combining begonias with ornamental cabbages and kales. The rosette shapes, and varied foliage colors create a captivating visual. These resilient plants thrive in cold weather and frost. It’s crucial to provide well-drained soil and consistent watering for optimal growth.

Coral Bells

Coral bells, or heucheras, are perennial plants with leaves ranging from green to red and purple. They make superb companions for begonias, as their foliage hues beautifully complement the vibrant begonia blooms. Gene notes that heucheras are cold-hardy and offer a striking contrast in texture and color to begonias’ broad leaves.