You Need To Try This Trainer’s Advice If Your Dog Isn’t Food-Driven

When dealing with our dear dogs, it’s commonly assumed that treats are the top motivator. But what if your pet isn’t as keen on earning treats as you think? Whether you’re handling a reactive dog or teaching leash manners, training a less food-driven dog has its challenges. For those facing this, Amelia Steele, a certified dog expert, aka Amelia the Dog Trainer, shares game-changing insights on her Instagram.

Steele offers three straightforward solutions for handling a less treat-motivated dog. These techniques enhance your bond with your pet and make training more enjoyable and mutually beneficial.

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Enhancing Food Accessibility

“Instead of making him earn everything, I began giving him occasional food during walks,” Steele advises in her first tip. Rather than only using treats for difficult commands, she proposes integrating random food bits into your dog’s walks. This helps familiarize them with food and gradually boosts their interest in rewards.

Achieving Stimulation Balance

Steele notes, “I stopped taking a ball or toy on every walk. “It led to excessive stimulation, which made him less interested in food.” You help your dog stay attentive to training treats by alternating walks with and without toys. This method enhances responsiveness and cultivates a healthier food-driven attitude.

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Streamlining Expectations

“I stopped bombarding him with commands,” Steele points out. This last technique underscores the significance of balance in training. She advises toning down the number of requests during walks. Allow your dog to savor their surroundings and encourage interactions. Your dog can view the activity as more laid-back by reducing the demand for multiple tasks. Using treats when they willingly engage with you strengthens the positive link between your presence and rewards.