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Why Is It Important To Wash Your Sheets Frequently?

In household chores, washing linens can be highly polarizing. Either you love the task, or you procrastinate at every opportunity. Nevertheless, some items need routine washing to stay in prime condition, and sheets are one of them.

Here are Marissa Murphy’s and Hailey Becnel’s best tips for caring for your sheets and why it’s so important to follow a schedule.

When Should You Wash Your Sheets?

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Becnel said, “Washing sheets is a weekly task in my home. On a Sunday evening, there’s nothing better than climbing into bed with clean sheets to fight those ‘Sunday Scaries.'”

Becnel says our sheets hide so much that our naked eyes miss that it’s hard to ignore them.

The oil, lotion, and cream we use before bed can seep into our sheets and pillowcases, negatively affecting our skin, especially if we go for extended periods between washings.

It’s equally important to wash your linens regularly, Murphy says, because they are healthier for you and your linens. That’s crucial if you want your luxury brand to last.

The Best Way To Wash Your Sheets

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During the wash cycle, Murphy advises people to ensure that all the detergent is removed from their sheets. To keep linens fresh and clean, you may not need as much detergent as you think. Overuse of detergent can damage sheets, towels, and clothing.

Murphy says these chemicals can make these items feel stiff and lose their texture and quality. Furthermore, this build-up will prevent the laundry from smelling clean if you wash several sheets in one load.

You should consider putting your sheets through an extra rinse cycle to help remove built-up detergent the next few times you wash them if they do not feel as crisp or sumptuous. Murphy advises avoiding heavily scented detergents with additives that can irritate skin and build up on linens.