When Traveling With Toddlers, How To Handle Tantrums

Parents and airline passengers cringe when they hear about small children and airplane flights in the same sentence. With flight delays, especially during the holidays, traveling with kids can crush your spirits quickly. Many things can go wrong when you’re trapped in the sky with no escape.

From long lines at the store checkout to waiting rooms at doctor’s offices, keep these tools handy to prevent children from having significant meltdowns in public places. Dr. Harvey Karp, the pediatrician, offers family travel tips.

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Make Your Way To The Dollar Store

A dollar store can be a lifesaver if you have a flight in the future. Make sure you spend $9 to $12 on toys and books your child will like and never see before. Dr. Karp tells you shouldn’t have them all in one bag. You should hide them in different places. Otherwise, they might want all of them at once. Doing this will be more exciting and interesting for your child.

Storytelling Is An Art

An excellent way to mystify a small child is to tell stories animatedly. It is easy to tell stories about where you are going, who you will meet, and what you will do when you arrive. The journey of your luggage in the belly of the aircraft can be described as an adventure.

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Communicate In Their Language

Empathizing with children is one of Dr. Karp’s greatest passions. Using “toddlers,” he helps parents prevent tantrums by acknowledging how kids feel. It’s also a good idea to “gossip” about your child’s good work with a friend or travel partner nearby.

Keep Hydrated At The Right Time

Make sure your child has a drink whenever he needs it, but reserve some of the best liquids for takeoffs and landings when kids’ ears can hurt. Landings are more uncomfortable than takeoffs, but knowing your child’s quirks will help you prepare for ear pain and offer some relief through swallowing.