What’s Driving Everyone To Go ‘Damp’ This Year

There’s nothing wrong with jumping on the Dry January bandwagon to begin the new year on the right foot, improve your health, or prove you can. Many people opt for moderation instead of abstinence by going “damp” this year, aiming to make it a lifestyle rather than just a temporary challenge.

Karina Celaya, M.D., an assistant professor, suggests going damp for those who want to find a middle ground that would allow moderate drinking of alcohol. “Some people may benefit from going damp as a transition to going dry without feeling rushed.”

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The Benefits Of Going Damp For Women

A survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open found that American adults drink an unhealthy amount of alcohol. The pandemic only worsened by leading to an increase of 41% in women’s heavy drinking. As a result, many women realized the necessity of cutting back – whether entirely or to some degree.

Damp Lifestyle: How To Follow It

However, Desai emphasizes that you must decide based on your current – and ideal – relationship with alcohol before choosing between the two options. She points out that we each have our journey, which is an excellent way to progress toward where we want to be.

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Jill Carnahan, MD, the Medical Director of Flatiron Functional Medicine in New York City, suggests considering whether you follow strict rules. You might find that going dry is more freeing and less stressful because, as Dr. Carnahan says, you won’t have to deal with decisions on the fly.

Here are some expert tips for living a damp lifestyle:

  • It is essential to reflect on the reasons you do what you do
  • Make an effort to avoid alcohol on certain days
  • Search for alternatives
  • Embrace compassion for yourself