What Makes Some People Freak Out When Unread Emails Arrive

The game is a personality test or “tag yourself” game: Do you have 0 unread emails or 23,764? It is possible to categorize people in this world into two types.

When you analyze the psychology behind these behaviours, what does it reveal about each person? Do you feel hurt when you’re not responding quickly or annoyed when you’re glued to your screen? Here are the therapists’ thoughts.

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You Are Socially Anxious Or Introverted

Introversion or anxiety are common characteristics when dealing with people. Jami Dumler, who specializes in depression, OCD, and anxiety, explained that many people feel pressured to respond, overthink what was said, or feel their social battery is running low when they receive notifications.

Your Desire To Accomplish Things Is Overwhelming

Jenn Hardy, a licensed psychologist, suggested that it might be due to feeling overwhelmed with each new unread notification. It is possible that you may feel overwhelmed by the weight of unfinished work. If you enjoy checking messages, you might get the same satisfaction from crossing something off your to-do list.

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You’re Addicted To Phones

The phrase “If you’d just get off that phone” may be familiar to you. People become increasingly dependent on smartphones due to smartphone addiction, which can affect brain chemistry. It can have far-reaching adverse effects, so it’s good to know if you have this problem. Dumler said this could lead to distractions, frustration, and wasted time.

Unopened Emails: Why You Don’t Mind

Some people jokingly brag about their unopened emails or how they’re known to their friends as “the one who never responds.” You may not mind those number bubbles in your email app. Dumler explained that identifying what outcome you’re anxious about and what you can do to handle it may help. Some people go hard either way, but you can choose either way. It’s frustrating not to read my Facebook notifications, but I currently have over 20,000 unread emails.