We Need To Teach Our Kids To Be Vulnerable By Apologizing To Them

We strive to provide our children with the best care daily as caregivers. Our mistakes are also a part of what makes us human. In addition to strengthening our bond with our children, we teach them valuable life lessons when we apologize for making mistakes.

It’s not uncommon for us to get angry and yell at our children when our frustration peaks. However, you can strengthen your relationship with your child by apologizing. When you apologize, you teach your child responsibility, and that mistakes are okay. As a result, your relationship becomes more trustworthy and respectful.

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How Do Our Apologies Teach Our Children?

Clinical psychologist Patrice Berry, who works with kids, teens, and adults on YouTube and TikTok, says apologizing is more than simply clearing a plate. Berry explains to Yahoo Life that kids will need to learn how and when to apologize to navigate relationships in the future.

Our Children Deserve Our Apologies, But How?

The practice of apologizing to our kids seems reasonable, but putting it into practice is more arduous. It’s hard for most adults (and kids) to admit they’re wrong. It’s common for adults to avoid eye contact and withdraw when they need to apologize, too. To understand your child’s perspective clearly, you need to listen to them first. The key is to have a reciprocal conversation rather than just talking “at” them.

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How Should We Respond To An Apology?

The most important thing is to devise a plan for the future, whether apologizing to your child or teaching them how to apologize to others. Berry advises kids to outline their goals and ours to avoid repeating mistakes. Our kids need to hear our apology and acknowledge our mistakes. As a result, it strengthens our relationship and helps them form healthy relationships in the future.