Traveling With Kids Can Be Challenging If There Are Airline Delays Or Cancellations

In the past year, travelers have faced various challenges, from mass cancellations at significant airlines to the shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration’s computer system. Things can get a bit chaotic when traveling with kids.

Summer Hull, director of travel content at The Points Guy and family travel columnist, says preparation is essential. Hull frequently travels with her children. “We haven’t had any travel nightmares this year, but we have in the past.”

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Nursing moms can also check whether a private lactation suite is available at the airport. Since 2018, airports have been required to have private rooms for pumping and nursing thanks to legislation such as the Friendly Airport for Mothers Act.

The Lost Luggage Blues: What To Do

The Apple AirTag is the must-have travel product of the moment. The popular Tile tracker works similarly on Android. Over the holiday season, media outlets reported millions of lost bags and AirTags that helped owners locate them. Hull recalls arriving at the Houston airport after a family ski trip to a “baggage Apocalypse.” She said, “Our ski equipment needed to be checked, so there were bags everywhere.”

You Can Be Your Family’s Advocate During Airline Problems

Hull says that being proactive with airlines will give you more options. Just waiting for the airline to assign you a rebooking is unlikely to get you the best outcome, so bring opportunities to the gate agent that works for you and your family.

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Booking Family Travel Can Be Stressful

Make sure you implement some fail safes before booking your trip. If possible, eliminate connections when booking. She said, “If you’re traveling with kids, direct is always best, especially when you’re coming home and everyone’s tired and cranky. It won’t prevent you from getting stuck but reduces the chances.” Hull also recommends you keep the right credit cards in your wallet to make family travel more accessible.