Travel Experts Warn Against Buying These Things On A Trip

A trip is never complete without visiting a famous attraction and trying a new restaurant. Many travelers also enjoy shopping at recent locations. However, not all travel purchases are the same. It’s best to bring certain items on vacation with you.

These are the things that travel experts wouldn’t buy on a trip, from items they always pack to souvenirs that aren’t worth carrying back.

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Traveling is never an excuse to buy shoes. They take up a lot of luggage space, and if you are an over-packer like me, they will not fit. Alternatively, you can always pack a pair of shoes to exchange for a new pair at your destination.


It is never a good idea to buy headphones while traveling. When it comes to headphones, they can make a long trip fly by, but if you’re like me and tend to forget them, they’re costly in airports and tourist shops.

Heavy Items

Avoid purchasing heavy items that may cause your suitcase to weigh more than it should. Check your airline’s weight limits when checking a bag and track how much it weighs before takeoff.

The Full-Sized Liquids

Make sure you don’t pack liquids that don’t meet your airline’s guidelines, or else you may have to throw away expensive products. Purchase more miniature toiletries at your destination instead of the large ones you would buy at home. Avoid wasting materials by choosing small or travel-sized items you can discard at the end of your trip.

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Souvenirs With High Markups

Even though some souvenirs may seem unique at the time, they can probably be found elsewhere for a much lower price. It is also possible for heavy souvenirs to be overpriced, as well as a burden to carry around. Furthermore, you may find it difficult to transport heavy souvenirs home if you only have limited luggage space.

Airport Chargers

The cost of forgetting your phone charger when traveling is high. In airports, chargers are sold, but at inflated prices. If possible, buy your new charger when you arrive at your destination. However, it can still be incredibly troublesome, and the price may still be high. Packing a good list and ensuring you have the essentials, like a charger for your phone, is always a good idea.