Traditional And Inventive Corn Recipes For Thanksgiving

This delightful dish is none other than corn, and we suspect it might just be gracing your holiday table. Although this starchy vegetable is typically in its prime during the summer, it boasts exceptional freezing capabilities, making it an obvious choice for a side dish throughout the holiday season. Below, you’ll find Thanksgiving corn recipes that deserve a spot on your menu. They range from inventive twists on classic chili lime creamed corn to irresistible appetizers like bacon-wrapped cheddar corn jalapeño poppers.

White Risotto With Corn, Carrots And Kale

Crafting risotto is more approachable than commonly thought, yielding a striking side or hearty vegetarian entrée. Feel free to substitute with your preferred seasonal produce, but include the essential touch of sweet corn for a delectable twist.

Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Corn Chowder

This culinary creation is truly a marvel of creamy soup. Rather than relying on heavy cream, the foundation is built on a blend of pureed sweet corn and cashews, resulting in a plant-based bowl with unexpected opulence and richness.

Easy 5-Ingredient Corn Soup

Elevating this soup to extraordinary heights is a crunchy blend of sesame seed-infused brown butter. While the recipe suggests it serves as a main course, it effortlessly scales up to accommodate a larger gathering, making it an excellent choice as a small side or appetizer for a crowd.

Vegetarian Succotash

While we adore bacon-centric dishes, it’s refreshing to explore vegetarian options. This twist on the traditional succotash bursts with vibrant flavors from corn, lima beans, peppers, basil, and onion. Feel at liberty to experiment with additional vegetables to suit your taste.

Creamed Corn Mac And Cheese

Merge two beloved holiday side dishes into a luscious, cheesy fusion. This recipe suggests a delightful combination of Swiss and cheddar for taste and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. However, don’t hesitate to substitute with another cheese, such as Fontina or Gruyère.