Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen And Streamlining Meal Preparation

It’s hard to beat the beauty of clear countertops, but kitchen organization goes much deeper. Despite the superficial nature of Shiny countertops, anyone with a kitchen knows they reflect what kind of day, week, or month we are experiencing. Having a polished quartz expanse means we’re energetic, motivated, on schedule, and generally on top of things. A messy, crumb-filled, sticky countertop punctuated by stacks of mail and empty coffee mugs tells a different story.

Image Credit: Pexels/Anna Shvets

Kitchen organization isn’t just about the countertops: If your kitchen is dysfunctional, that can easily affect everything from your morning routine to what you eat to how much time you spend with your partner or family.

Now is the time to file-fold those dishtowels and clean out that junk drawer. However, kitchen organization can be far more difficult than revamping a closet or garage shelves. For starters, you’re dealing with a genuinely finite amount of space. It’s important to keep many items within reach, but you won’t have much cabinet or drawer space. Keeping this in mind, we asked some of our favorite professional organizers for their favorite kitchen organization tips.

Create Zones In Your Kitchen

Is there a better big-picture way to use the space than you currently have? Considering your kitchen’s basic features and what you need is an excellent place to start. Professional organizer, Corinne Monahan of Grid & Glam, suggests considering the items you have, the space they would best fit in, and where in the kitchen you use them. It helps to think about your kitchen in terms of zones.

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Discover Hidden Storage

In most kitchens, extra storage space could be beneficial unless you’re a minimalist or don’t cook at all. Luckily, you have plenty of options. If you have a good spot on your wall, you can install a pegboard, perfect for keeping pans and cooking tools within easy reach. Consider whether you can add a utility cart, rolling butcher block, or movable kitchen island, such as this one with its pot rack.

Meal Preparation Made Easy

While meal planning may sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be complicated. While you might view it as “European,” going to the grocery store daily isn’t necessarily efficient. If you don’t shop thoughtfully, you can easily buy things you don’t need (or want to eat), duplicate foods, and not use up your fridge’s items.