These Six Types Of People Should Be In Your Life More Often

We aim to spend more time with friendly, intelligent, driven, and similar-minded people. Relationships should be helpful, not harmful. Embrace people who reflect your ideal self. How many messages, voicemails, comments, emails, and invitations do you ignore or decline?

Most of us would agree that there isn’t enough time in a day to accommodate everyone! It means prioritizing our activities and, most importantly, whom we spend time with. Here are six types of people to keep close if you aren’t sure what to prioritize:

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Truthful People

A person’s trustworthiness is crucial. Being around people who will call us out when we’re wrong or heading down the wrong path is essential. Keeping your word is more than just not lying or admitting your mistakes. It also dares to share the truth we don’t want to hear.

Supportive And Encouraging People

Don’t be around those who will feel threatened by your success or happiness. Get people who are as happy about your wins as you are. Ensure that the people around you are as invested in your skills, potential, and vision as you are.

Emotionally Supportive People

We all need people we trust who respect our feelings and listen to us. Conversations can be stimulating, but many people lack the emotional availability to express their feelings.

People Who Inspire You

People’s behaviors can teach us a lot. It’s essential to spend the time we want to emulate. It’s lovely to have friends, mentors, colleagues, and family who inspire us.

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A Supportive Community

Many people can accept you without understanding what it’s like to be you. Our desire to maintain an image we believe others will get more readily can end up isolating and exhausting.

Authentic People

Keep faithful people around you. Your connection with them will feel more genuine, deep, and meaningful. Besides creating space and encouraging you to do the same, they will also be a safe space for you.


Every relationship in our lives requires high but realistic standards. Let’s remember these standards for all of them. Don’t waste your time on people who aren’t worth your time.