These Are The Most Rudest Things You Can Do To Your Co-worker

The quirks and habits of your colleagues are readily apparent when you sit next to them at work. The sounds, smell, and images we experience may not be pleasing to all of us. In general, it’s easier to distance yourself from an annoying co-worker, but ignoring a rude colleague can be much more difficult. For instance, it is hard for me to forget an ex-coworker who left potato chip crumbs on our shared desk.

Monique Valcour, an executive coach, said, “Rude office behavior is about insensitivity to other people. It ranges from the merely oblivious to the downright malicious.”

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Some etiquette and career experts offer their opinions on rude things you can do to your co-worker. It may seem not nice to you but normal to a colleague. It helps to give concrete examples of what’s disrespectful and impolite.

Present Yourself To Work Sick

It is rude to arrive at work physically ill, coughing, and sneezing throughout the day, and then call it “just allergies.” The idea that an illness is only allergies is rude when you arrive at work physically ill and coughing and sneezing all day.

Listen To Music Without Headphones

People do not want to hear your music because it is very distracting. It is also disrespectful to force someone to listen to a genre they do not like just because of your taste in music

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Share Mean Gossip Or Make Bodily Sounds

It is one of the most common complaints I hear from people working in offices that their co-workers make unwanted noises. Concentrating on your work when listening to music, radio talk shows, telephone calls, or talking with other co-workers is complex.

Consider The Shared Office Space To Be Your Kitchen

A co-worker should never treat a shared workspace like their personal office or kitchen. They use Zoom at total volume, talk on speaker phones, eat microwaved salmon over their keyboard, and spill used dishes and papers on their neighbors’ desks.