There Are Some Things That You Shouldn’t Do On A Group Trip

Group trips can be an excellent way for old and new friends to get together while exploring a new location. With so many personalities involved, there will undoubtedly be some tense moments.

Everyone can still enjoy the experience. In terms of etiquette, it’s all about showing consideration.

Nick Leighton, an etiquette expert, said, “Etiquette is all about being mindful of other people, and group trips are no exception.”

To help make group trips more enjoyable and reduce negative experiences, HuffPost asked Leighton and other etiquette experts to share some common missteps ― and advice for avoiding them. Here are six rude group trip behaviors to avoid:

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Assuming Everyone Follows The Same Plan

Leighton said, “The best way to avoid etiquette crimes is to communicate clearly before and during the trip to ensure everyone is on the same page.”

Choose a destination and type of lodging based on how much people can spend on accommodations. Ask your travel companions what they want and need, rather than booking everything yourself or telling them where they’re going. Ensure everyone understands their dietary restrictions and driving abilities. Expenses are significant.

Taking No Compromises

Leighton said, “Group trips are team efforts, so finding consensus and making compromises are always necessary.”

If you choose a time for dinner or sit in the car’s front seat, there will likely be some give-and-take during the trip and planning process. If you want to do more than what’s on the itinerary, consider returning home a day or two later and doing it during your solo time.

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Not Contributing Your Fair Share

Don’t leave people hanging when it comes to payment. Ensure the group has a system to split costs and collect money.

Smith said, “During the preemptive conversation, in addition to the general budget, you should discuss who the planner coordinator will be for the group.” Following an agreed-upon budget and payment system requires commitment.