The Holiday Season Is Here, And Hair Bows Are Trending

There’s a good chance you haven’t worn hair bows in a long time, maybe more than a decade, but perhaps you’d like to reconsider. Red carpets have shown that the accessory is making a significant comeback, and we can’t get enough of it.

Almost every Hollywood starlet has been wearing an oversized bow lately, from Anya Taylor-Joy and Beanie Feldstein to Zoë Kravitz and Sydney Sweeney. Ariana Grande has been wearing matching bows while coaching on The Voice, particularly in color-coordinated outfits. The bow is also making an appearance in OOTD videos on TikTok, so you know it’s going to be big


There may be no reason for the hair bow resurgence, but after two years of minimal glamour and events, we want something polished and pretty. Bows pair perfectly with a classic fluffy blowout, the unofficial hairstyle of 2021. Since the padded headband craze of 2019, hair accessories have risen in popularity, and this one serves as a fun update. It could also be thanks to the Gossip Girl reboot and TikTok’s obsession with preppy style.

Amid the pandemic, beauty nostalgia runs rampant, and hair bows are reminiscent of retro glamour and our childhood hairstyles. The holiday season is the perfect time to wear them. Gregory Russell, the hairstylist behind Anya Taylor-Joy’s bows, says he likes bows for dressing up hair and adding a ’60s vibe.


The versatility of bows is surprising, even though they appear stuffy at first glance. Big silky bows are glamorous, loose ribbons are boho, and comically oversized bows like this one from Vaquera are edgy. Hairstyles, too, play a significant role in determining the overall mood. When it comes to a bow, Russell enjoys pairing it with a half-updo, ponytail, or low messy style to contrast it.

There’s something universal about this hair accessory trend: You can add a bow to any hairstyle regardless of your length or type of hair. There is no limit to the price you can spend on bows: you can buy a ribbon for a few cents at a fabric store or spend a few dollars on an expensive one with the logo of your choice.